Network pics thread

If you plug in all the cables, you might be able to place a solar panel in front of it that will be powered by all the LEDs. :D
The 4006 really isnt that bad, 200watts or less, I had one for several years and never had a problem. Sadly, I miss mine.
Got a 4006 too as core switch for my home network.

cisco WS-C4006 (MPC8245) processor (revision 7) with 262144K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID FOX062500Q3
MPC8245 CPU at 300Mhz, Supervisor III
Last reset from Reload
8 Virtual Ethernet interfaces
116 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

Running rock stable since i installed it 23 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours, 59 minutes ago :p.

Got another 2 sitting here for the home lab.
I can answer that LOL. There are a lot of quieter, less expensive to operate, smaller, and less expensive to buy Cisco 10/100/1000 L3 switches for home use.

That said, they are a fun switch to learn with.
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I can answer that LOL. There are a lot of quieter, less expensive to operate, smaller, and less expensive to buy Cisco 10/100/1000 L3 switches for home use.

That said, they are a fun switch to learn with.

Free is a cheap price
I have a cat 6500 in my home rack. I have used it to learn with but now it just sits in the bottom to anchor the rack. Too loud and expensive to operate. I got it for free so its ok.
Replaced 5 switches and almost all of the ethernet cables. I cleaned up the mess behind the rack as well. I still need to cleanup the power strips and loose cables by the phone system. That door has been off since I started last March, finally looks good with it back on.



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That lens is actually pretty cool for these type of pics. I know I always have trouble getting my rack on one pic, and it will be even harder once I partition off that area to make the server room, an actual room.
That's all I had on me and it actually is the best for this since there isn't much space in the room. It's a 10-17mm so I can be inches away and it will still look like that. It isn't the best for detailed shots of the equipment however.

It's almost all Dell now with the addition of the PowerConnect 2848's. The only non Dell equipment is the APC UPS, a Cisco 2960 (PoE), a Sonicwall, Comcast voice equip and a CD player for hold music.
Yep, it's a fisheye. But it's terrible for this application, since none of the lines the viewer expects to be parallel end up being parallel in the picture. The pincushion distortion makes the pictures look bad and lots of detail is lost.

I don't disagree, but he said he only had a fisheye lens at the time. I've done correction on fisheye before, my wife does better though. I kinda suck. :D
The Sonicwall was pre-Dell if that counts. Sorry my lens caused so much controversy! There are worse shots in here from cell phones!

small, antiquated radio station rack. there's even more shit above. i'll be redoing everything next week.. in different room, thank god. keeping the comrex units, that's about it. got some network porn coming up :D
My home office rack/network...finally finished cleaning it up last night (mostly).

Cisco SG 300-28P 28-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch
Apple Base Station Extreme
2Wire Gateway (AT&T U-Verse)
Synology DS411+II

UPS + my old Pentium machine on the bottom to weight down the rack since it's not bolted to the floor at the moment. I really like that Neat Patch system except my Cisco switch has all the ports on the right hand side so it looks a little funky, but not too bad.

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Nice stuff, tacos4me.
I got to know that EAS ENDEC pretty well (ours was gray) doing radio at school. I approve of your cooling system!
These are network related, in that they will be going inside of a server (DL385 G7) connected to my "network." lol

8x360gb SSDs for personal use? :eek:


I wish they were for personal use, I have no use for that many SSD's in one personal box. Though If I wanted, I could I guess... Just not sure what for... Though every device in my house except for my NAS and my Xbox 360 has an SSD in it. Which is something like 8, I won't build a system without a SSD anymore (and nothing smaller than 256GB, unless it really doesn't need it). I cringe thinking about spindles as primary drives. Even my super fast RAID SATA and/or 10/15k RPM SAS drives at work local or on SAN make me cry because of how slow they are compared to Crucial M4's, Samsung 830/840's, etc. All new stuff gets decked out with SSD's though. And our new SAN this year will be decked with a mix of SAS/SSD, w00t. :D
I have to admit i've been opting for SSD for most applications recently (vm storage etc). I just bought a new Synology NAS and built 2 volumes:

-WD Green 9TB Raid 5 (for cheapness, plenty of space for low demand movie streaming, PVR, backups, isos etc)
-SSD 1TB Raid 0 (for performance, plenty of space for vm, sql db etc)

I was hoping by placing the vm volume on the SSD that the spinning disks would spin down while not in use but unfortunately the Synology doesn't seem to operate that way- I need to do a bit more research!

I also have a dedicated SQL server with a PCI-e SSD which absolutely flys (can saturate a 10Gbit link) and random access speeds are out of this world :)