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Parts showed up Monday and I have been busy all week getting things together.

By thespyder at 2011-10-12


By thespyder at 2011-10-12


By thespyder at 2011-10-12

This SOB fought me tooth and nail for a week. I ended up replacing 1/2 the batteries and letting it charge for 24 hours. So far it is behaving itself :)

By thespyder at 2011-10-12

Ignore the terrible photos, maybe someday I will remember to take in my decent camera.

Orange= SAN and with 2 4gb lacp trunks from the zfs box and a 4gb to each vSphere host, I nearly ran out of ports. A 4gb trunk ties the SAN vlan together.

By thespyder at 2011-10-12


By thespyder at 2011-10-12


By thespyder at 2011-10-12

The rest of the week is getting the ZFS box and LACP setup for each server.

Hardware list:
Dell 2162-DS IP KVM
HP 1800-24g x2
Dell PE860
IBM X3550
IBM X3650
Dell R710 x 2
Dell 15" KB+M 1u
Custom ZFS host- OpenIndiana+ Napp-it, 20tb raw (20x1tb)
APC 7911A Switched PDU
Monoprice filler plates
Monoprice cable management

Tons to do :)
wow that is a yellow case, you should call that system bumblebee lol, nice rack

Haha, it's an old Acer case. I sanded the logo off and spray painted it yellow. That's my WHS 2011 server. The "rails" of the rack (the predrilled pieces where equipment screws to) are from an old wallmount telecom rack. I took them off and got my dad to build me what you see. Simple. but it's sturdy. I like it.
thats not a sonipoint, thats tz110-tz100 << pos SLOW units..

TZ200 Wireless there Chief... It was part of a care package so that someone could work from home over the next 6 weeks. Gives a site to site vpn for our VOIP phones to work.

Like I said.. it serves it's intended purpose well
Here is my lab rack for getting in some quality hours in with the CCIE R/S lab blueprint:

5 - 2811's
1 - 2821
3 - 3560-24
1 - 3560-48

Missing are some 2611's that will be some backbone routers and a frame switch and a load of serial interfaces. Should be fun!

new toy: going to use it as an enrollment and config deployment server for iPhone fleet. Wanted to use JUNOS Pulse, but it doesn't have fantastic iPhone support yet.

new toy: going to use it as an enrollment and config deployment server for iPhone fleet. Wanted to use JUNOS Pulse, but it doesn't have fantastic iPhone support yet.


Nice, would love to see some more information posted on this as the project moves forward. We need to do something with our iPhone fleet and currently have an Xserve
sure, I'll try to post a follow up when I get time to configure and deploy it.
new toy: going to use it as an enrollment and config deployment server for iPhone fleet. Wanted to use JUNOS Pulse, but it doesn't have fantastic iPhone support yet.

Awesome. If the new i7 would of been out i would of done that instead of this giant Mac Pro tower I have acting as a server sitting under my desk.

Interesting to see how the project goes.
Well excuse me, it looked like hp from bay slots on those machines, and that wasnt the point, the point was it being able to support a 3tb drive per bay which i doubt it could do, it doesnt look like enough hard drive bays to equal 35tb
I wrote at the storage thread that those are raw 35TB - ;)
Even the small nodes got a RAID1 of huge disks inside ( 2-4x 750GB to 1TB ) - meanin the Dell and IBM ;)
Sand in your vag bro?
Are those events correlated?

What do you mean? If your talking about the last fiasco from the network pics threads I'm going to have to say yes. There was a big to do.. the last mod thought he would flex his epenis and a bunch of people complained to kyle. The rest is history
I just wanted to see more projects and pictures :)

You'll have to wait until 2012 for projects from me.. All though I did get my 2012 wish list put together for the budgeting guys. Should be a pretty straight forward year.
The missus and I have decided to convert my manland into an entertainment center (big screen TV, HTPC, etc) so manland had to go.

I'm starting the process of moving all of my gear into the crawlspace and migrating my work area into her sewing area. It would suck hardcore if I wasn't getting a kickass entertainment center in return.

I was going to start a worklong about it after things got underway, but I figured I'd post some before pics to satisfy dash's jones for pictures... :D

Here's manland now. What you can't see are my 60w practice amp, my 400w gigging amp, two basses, two electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, a classical guitar, 4U of sound gear and piles and piles of crap:


An aforementioned pile of crap currently listed on ebay:

Here's where it's going:


The cardboard squares are mockups for how my three monitors will fit in a much smaller area. Meh. Note the horrible green walls and piles of laundry. Double meh.

Here's the other side of the wall, where my rack is going:

The current plan is to get a couple extender cables and run KVM through the wall.
(This thread needs the discussion just as much as the pictures, come on guys. This is like my favorite thread, and 50% of why is the discussion.)

But anyways, I will add some mediocre stuff just to add pics. I just bought some Ubiquiti UAP-LRs on eBay for cheap. Time to move off my 2 AP 802.11g network and move into the current world with some 802.11n gear that is close to Cisco as I'm going to get. PoE adapters arrive tomorrow, so they just look pretty atm. Hope to learn what I can from them, wish roaming was completely seemless, but for something that retails for $99 each, and compared to Ciscos with roaming, I can't complain. Only one has the ceiling mount plate thing, wish I could get 2 more mounts somewhere. :(

Building a decent sized home server room atm, going to post build pics in a few weeks. Completely fire resistant and isolated from the rest of the house (except for one hole by the door that can be sealed). Didn't even know that this room was built like it was until we cleaned it out (my dad built it just for some sort of "office" a few years ago, but it became a storage room). Look at dat' temporary "rack" and room cleanliness... :p

Going to go with a Skeletek 2 or 4 post rack, not sure yet.
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lol actually those hats might work, our brainwaves are transmitted past our body, that foil hat may act as a ferraday cage and block the waves :cool:
It's either that, or make them sit on their hands so they can't use the computers. I'm fine with either.
Silly humans, there is a reason people build wifi reflectors out of tinfoil, you're only amplifying the wifi brain frying.

In other news, one of the units appears bricked (main led never comes on, going to try a tftp/serial ref lash, never did that before tho) and one was built without a reset button. I don't even know how that happens. The PCB clearly never had a reset switch soldered down, luckily two nails could bridge the connection, lol
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