Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - August 28th, 2018 on Switch


Zero Cool
Sep 2, 2004
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Figured this deserved its own thread - coming out in August, TONS of monsters. Updated graphics from the 3DS version of Generations. This has been out in Japan as MonHun XX (Double-Cross) for awhile now, finally localized and coming to the west.

Pre-order is up on Prime with the 20% discount.

Mark my words, this is the year of the Japanese, obscure, deep combat system, hunting, crafting, genre.
As an Amazon Associate, HardForum may earn from qualifying purchases.
Just a heads-up that this released today - I should have my copy waiting when I get home.

Between MHW on PC and time is pretty much monopolized by Monster Hunter for the foreseeable future. :D
Quick tip for anyone picking this up - if you transfer a MH: Generations save from the 3DS, you can first download all of the bonus item packs that have been given out over time and then claim them in the game, so they are in your item box. Then, when you transfer your save over you get all of those items, PLUS the bonus item packs from MH: Generations Ultimate. So you basically get to double-dip on some of the item packs.

You don't really even have to have a character that you've played on for any particular length of time, just enough to get into the hub town and claim the items. I have a ton of consumables and some rare crafting items and armor spheres just from all the packs that I downloaded, so much less farming involved for stuff like potions and honey.
Anyone else playing? I've been puttering around a bit, playing with Prowler mode which is a lot of fun. Still playing MHW on PC so I haven't really gotten deep into it, but I do a few quests here and there. There is SO much content in this game it's a bit overwhelming.