1. MavericK

    Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Switch & PC

    Anyone else excited for this? Demo is out now and the game comes out tomorrow. Didn't see any other thread, but it's on both PC and Switch.
  2. MavericK

    Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Thread

    I couldn't find a thread for the Switch release, the only one is in PC gaming for the later PC release, so it made sense to create one here. 4 days! I am hyped. Got the collector's edition on pre-order, hoping it actually shows up on Friday. Feel free to post Switch friend codes if anyone...
  3. MavericK

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - August 28th, 2018 on Switch

    Figured this deserved its own thread - coming out in August, TONS of monsters. Updated graphics from the 3DS version of Generations. This has been out in Japan as MonHun XX (Double-Cross) for awhile now, finally localized and coming to the west...
  4. DooKey

    Monster Hunter World Is Now the Fastest Selling Game in Capcom's History

    Capcom has always sold a lot of games, but this time they have really outdone themselves with Monster Hunter World. They have reached the 6 million shipped mark faster than they have with any other game they've released. All of this and it's only out on consoles. Once this hits the PC market...
  5. DooKey

    Monster Hunter World Beta Starts this Weekend

    If you want to get your monster killing on you can do it this weekend if you have a PlayStation 4 and are a PS Plus member. No word yet when PC and Xbox One users can expect their beta action. You can start the pre-download Friday and you get to play Saturday through Tuesday morning. Let me...