Memory Lane: List some of your old favorites


Fully [H]
Jan 28, 2014
Super Mario World - one of my first video games I've played
Need For Speed - first Playstation game I played
G-Police - really enjoyed this game on the PSone and would love to play something similar today but not sure what modern games are similar.

Mechwarrior 3 - basically where I got my online alias
Half Life - the game that basically made me a PC gamer
TFC - I miss playing this. TF2 is great but didn't really get into it much.
Counter Strike - Played for many years.
Diablo 2 + LOD - there goes my childhood.
Natural Selection - the game that spawned many friendships who I still play games with today.

There's more but these are the older games I have fond memories of.
G-Police. That brings back memories. Great game that I neglected to give enough attention to. I should go back and play that sometime.


Limp Gawd
Apr 5, 2004
My top 10 oldies:

The Bard's Tale
Ultima IV
Might and Magic III: Isles of Tera
Ultima VII: The Black Gate
Super Mario Bros 3
Wing Commander
Hero's Quest, later renamed Quest for Glory I
Secret of Monkey Island 2
Need for Speed 2 SE, played on a 3dfx card of course!!