Lost Ark Post launch thread!


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May 23, 2012
Hey guys! Here we are for all things Lost Ark. the other thread was made years ago and figured a update would be good. This game can get bery complicated fast but is amazing. Im going to start a guild and discord for anyone and everyone who wants to join or has questions.
US East

edit: server changed to Danube. Ever since they announced that F2P players cannot join founders servers we rerolled so f2p players can join.
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May 5, 2006
I haven't tried it myself but I've watched it on twitch a few times for a considerable period of time during the beta and twitch streams are full of lost ark the past few days leading up to the launch.

I really like the creature design and some of the environment design but personally I'm not a fan of the:
.. s-e asian gaming dash ("ice-skating") mobility style (like in black desert online)
.. the prevalence of the "weed wacker" non-targeted spinning attacks, (also common in black desert online)
...the arcade spam/mash attack style
...fx overload from the masher style and ability loadouts (especially when in groups)

Those kind of games, like path of exile, diablo3, etc. end up being like a flamethrower or napalm hose on a fireworks factory - attacks and FX wise, singly let alone once you have more than one character in a group. The impact of opponent attacks isn't very visceral to me usually either. Everything feels lightweight and arcade-y. The games end up being more like an isometric version of an R-Type genre arcade game in an rpg wrapper. I get the appeal for some people but it's just not for me. I tried to like it but the more I watched the dungeon battles the more it fit that description I just laid out. I'm more interested in elden ring and heavy combat mechanics personally though I have enjoyed a lot of non-arcade-y isometric rpgs as well and have put considerable time into a few much less arcade-y mmos in the past. It's always good to have fresh games in any genre though so I hope it works out well for the people who like it. It is free to play so it doesn't hurt to try it out.



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