Laptop stickers rant

Hate laptop stickers? Buy a MacBook Pro!

Heh, it's just a small piece of the puzzle, really, but it's symbolic of the lack of clutter on the system itself (no bloatware, clean design and so on). It's your computer, not Intel's or McAfee's.
My laptop only came with one sticker, the processor one. It's still on there, otherwise how am I going to show off that I can afford the i7 processor? Oh yes, that's right, the i7! Otherwise it could be the i5 Alienware, like the plebeians have!
Yeah, I don't get all the hubbub. I care about functionality, reliability, performance, etc. If it gets the job done, it could be covered in wallpaper, or it could be a nice, untouched slab of aluminum :) Granted, I tend to not buy consumer laptops, so maybe I have just not been affronted by egregious examples.

Current Thinkpad has fairly small, unobtrusive stickers on the left palm rest (Intel and Windows). I never bothered to remove them and probably won't.
only reason I keep the intel stickers and such is to retain as much resale value with the laptop as possible.
So I buy a DELL Inspiron iM101z then have to remove lots of stickers on plastic. I have used rubbing alcohol but had one really bad experience on plastic.

the Intel i3 one is truly nasty.

Any ideas on the magic product? Sticker seems universal these days.
iso. never caused a prob on all the dells ive used it on.
My co-worker insists on leaving the Windows and Intel stickers on.

I see this as akin to leaving your newly bought couch in its original plastic wrapping + stickers still on it.

Take the stickers off! :(
Or like having an internal combustion car come with a sticker on the hood that said "Unleaded Gasoline Engine".