Kathy Rain on Steam

Picked it up...looks like an old school adventure type game.
It's a decent game, but it's native resolution is 320x240.

A tip if you want to run fullscreen, for a 1080p monitor under NVIDIA Control Panel change your desktop resolution to 1280x960, with Aspect ratio and GPU scaling.

In the game settings, choose full screen and select 4x scaler, which scales the game's native res up to 1280x960. It's pretty clear, even if they have to upscale a bit from 960 to 1080 pixels.

1440p monitor users have it even easier, because you just select 1920x1440 with the same scaling options, and bump the game's scaler up to 6x. Zero GPU scaling required.

The highest resolution supported by the game is 2560x1920, which is good enough for 4k displays.
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