Iptorrent Invites

Looking for a private tracker invite to supplement my usenet. Just starting to look into seedbox options for this also (darn Comcast!!!).

Edit - got one, thanks!
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Hey its been awhile since I've fired up my seeding rig.....demonoid days. I have been scouring public trackers, googledorking filetype:'ing ect and have THOUSANDS of current volumes and editions (2012-2016) pdfs on Electronics and Computer Science......basically I'd like to start dumping the 8+Tb of Appz and CompSci, Chem, Maths, Pentesting ect Ebooks and material into a private tracker. Interested in an invite if someone has one to spare. I've got A TON of data waiting to be exploited for the benefit of the uneducated minds out there! Be nice to know I can share it.

Big trance fan as well tons of trance compilations/albums I'd like to share.

(*bbchapnick mail at g mial*)
I'd like a invite if you still have one. I tried to start a conversation but it won't let me, even though I've been on the board for years?
Three IPTorrent invites available, PM for details.

EDIT: Still have two invites...remember to include your email address in the PM.
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Haven't been on this website in over a decade. Just came back. I'll take one! Apparently I can't pm anyone yet. Gotta start posting!