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Jul 29, 2005
Welcome to the Ikea desk gallery! Please feel free to leave pictures, make comments, or ask the community anything Ikea related.
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Post up your Ikea desks/workstations here.
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I have the Ikea Galant series. Thankfully I just did some Labor Day cleaning....

Here's the Pics, sorry for the messy wires underneath:


Agree with the Galant, series, though mine is the glass conference table (rectangular, not oval). I hate small desks. I'll post pics when I remember to get my camera out of my car.

The desk is a GALANT series 43'

I built the 2nd teir piece out of a LACK shelf and a set of 4 CAPITA coffee table legs
here's my jerker sorry about the lack of focus





can someone tell me if the Fredrik shelves and height extenders will work with the Jerker because i really need another shelf as you can see

I wish I didn't have to use flash but the lighting sucks on camera in my room :)

And zip ties does wonders for the wiring since I forgot to buy the gasket thing that Ikea sells.
Once I get my HDTV back in I'll do a little cleaning and post up the "Effektiv" desk I got for free off Craigslist...

Basically a shittier Galant... but free is :D
Ikea Frederik with custom made shelf. Bought for how-ever much it goes for new in Ikea.


The Fredrik is not as wide as the Jerker.

Just like the Jerker, the Frederik comes in two sizes, a large one, and a smaller one with shelfs, both of them is equal in size to the Jerker counterpart (errr... I think)
nah the largest frederik is still not as deep as the 36" depth of the jerker.
hey dC0m what style is that , and how much did that run, Also does Ikea Ship now does anyone know????

Thats exactly what im looking for
Hey Herl, if you dont mind what monitor is that?

Its a Samsung LNT3253H 32-Inch LCD HDTV, however this is only a temporary measure once I move again I'll be switching back to a standard LCD monitor.
I'll join the party with my Galant setup. I'm still in the market for a 30" LCD, but this is how everything looks now. I really need to get one of those Signum cable management things that mount under the desk. Of course, I've been telling that to myself for the last year. :p

Hopefully soon I'll buy an Ikea galant for my bedroom once I get my unused tube tv out of there. and maybe once I get it redone
hey dC0m what style is that , and how much did that run, Also does Ikea Ship now does anyone know????

Thats exactly what im looking for

It's the Galant series and it's the Beech Veneer color. They have a lighter color which is the Birch Veneer. My setup with the "T" legs and extension piece cost me around $320. I picked up myself and installed it on my own.
These are my old setups, I'm still in search for a quality desk.


that looks like a twin though. They don't seem to sell a twin malm? edit: nvm i found it thanks.
These are my old setups, I'm still in search for a quality desk.


Not to sound too femmie or anything, but that blue paint on your walls is just awesome. I love that and the contrasting dark brown. Very cool setup. Makes me wish I was still single and living out of my room lol.
hey is that an ikea bed? .. or where can i find a bed like that?

I wouldn't recommend you buying that frame. It collapses on me couple of times so I got rid of all my ikea furniture. I'm currently looking for a white desk, IMO white will look a lot better than dark brown with my blue walls.

Edit: I like the desk frame but the top sucks.
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Ikea desk are cheap for the price and does a hell of a job for a table.

The beds look alright but are also cheap in material and wouldn't trust it.
I bought a Galant desk after seeing this thread the other day. Will post pics once I am moved into my new place.
Does Ikea Ship now, or is it still in store pickup, cuase i would luv too get 2 of those Galant Desk setups but the close ikea place is 3 hrs away
I got the black-brown with the T-shaped legs. Not the full corner, I got the right hand with an extension.

Yes, they ship. Thankfully they also deliver as the damn thing didn't fit in my car. Oh well, cost another $80 for delivery, but it will come the day after we move in which means one less thing to put on the truck (actually 7 boxes).

The guy at Ikea was really helpful showing me all the optional configurations and he said the desks are well made (he seemed honest, not just selling it).

I also got a small half round end piece w/ 4" legs to act as a little monitor riser on the guys suggestion. Should work well.