Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

Passed the 800M mark a couple days ago.

You just passed the 900M mark.

Well looks like I did. Still waiting for the billion mark. Then shortly after, I might make top 100. Still have 4 980 Tis churning away and a 970. Paused the 690 and below for a bit, having some stability issues on that motherboard. Looks like you'll catch up to me before the end of winter.
comin back to say congrats on the 500 mil man, thats crazy lol
Wow. I don't pay attention to the numbers much, but I think there is a changing of the guard going on. Without doing anything different (and only one system running), I have moved up about 25 spots in [H]folding in the last couple of months.
DWolvin, Vaulter, and Ax??? That is a blast from the past!
Just hit 200k from cpu's and a newly added part time gpu. keep an eye on your rear view mirrors gents!
Congrats MGM. I should have it before the end of the year also.
Congrats on joining the elite group of the 10-digits club(y).
Sweet Cheezus, I have been folding forever and only have 59 million. I need to break down and get a 1080 or two.
I'm doing the same DWolvin. I think the 1080 Ti is going to be a beast. I just wish they released it before Christmas so we'd have some sale prices, but I don't think we'll see it until the new year. There's just not as much competition coming from AMD to push them into releasing it. I have seen some projected specs in the wild, though, and it's exciting to look at. I think I'll only be able to get one of them at first, but it should give quite the boost when it happens.
Scrounged a 1080 w/ EK block. It's completely dominating my 2p and overclocked sandy hex... But, MOAR POINTS!

Sad side note, I did inventory and realized that a family member and three friends are fighting that dragon, C.

seriously. F cancer.
DWolvin, sorry to hear that. I only have one family member that ever had that battle. It was enough, though, to open my eyes.

Skillz, gratz on joining the ever-growing club. Just think, in another decade we'll be joining the Trillion club, and we'll be running F@H on our watches. :D
Congrats Nathan_P! A lot more of us are joining the B club lately, that's a great thing.
I've been waiting for the same card Christian. Bought one 1080 vanilla just to keep my numbers up after selling some 980 Tis. I should have kept the 980s.
waiting for some funds to bring another 1070 on line, I won't be able to afford a 1080/ti this year:cry:
I've been waiting for the same card Christian. Bought one 1080 vanilla just to keep my numbers up after selling some 980 Tis. I should have kept the 980s.

I was in the same boat. Replaced two 980 Ti's with two 1080s. Didn't see much improvement at all with them. Could be a driver issue which is why I really want to try the new driver on my 1080s, but if something goes wrong I wont be there to fix it.
I'm running 372.90 for my 1080 and it definitely beats my 980 Ti, but I'm not OCing either, and I've got the MSI Gaming X version of the 1080, so it might have some impact. I also game on the 1080, so it's not running 24/7 every day.

Oh, and Skillz, congrats in advance on passing me in a week or two!
A 1080 does beat a 980ti, not by a lot in some projects but I've seen some WU showing 1m PPD and usually north of 800k, my 980ti never got higher than 650k. Where you will see a benefit is in power consumption. Swapping those 2 980's for 1080's has just saved you 140w - that's enough to run a 1070
Yeah I know they're faster. Not doubting that. I just don't think they're fast enough to warrant the price premium. I'm running the EVGA Hybrid versions. Sure they run with a little less power and heat, but i should have just kept the 980 Ti and spent the $800 I spent upgrading them on two more used 980 Tis since they're going for around 360 on ebay right now.

Thanks MGM. That's just assuming I don't have a catastrophic failure while I'm away again. I think last time I got within like 10M nearly all my Biden crashed around the beginning of the year.