Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

354 days of folding and borging for
80K on New Years Day.

Cool stats day:
Top 150 for the [H]orde
Top 2000 overall
600 WUs
27,500 points

Up to 21 WU's and 938 points for me, should break 1K today at next update :D
I finally broke 400,000. On to 500,000... :D Working at getting into the top 5 for the team.

8th on the Team :D

I vow to catch mjannusch by the end of the year. You may have run by me but I will get U! :p
Just pasted 180,000.

200,000 here I come.......

Thought I'd wait and see if anyone noticed.


Danged Tinkers, a Genome and three hung WUs. It'd have been Wednesday if it wasn't for the "green board" over last weekend... :)
I'm currently occupying spot # 1001. :p

Um, seriously... THis thread has more posts than my entire messageboard of times past... :eek:

I have 3 boxen currently running, plus my girlfriend's laptop. o_O 2.6 ghz Smelleron, but it can't make deadlines. So, I essentially have the 6 ghz of my home boxen, plus the 550 I'm gonna add tomorrow.
Took me over a year, but I'm finally at 20K with 8 ghz folding away.

The same day my 'newbie' status gets removed too. How cool is that?
w00ty w00t! Been at it about two weeks and just hit 1000 points today. 27 WUs down, many more to go. Got almost 4GHz of AMD powar folding for the cure! :D
I hit 1200 in my first week folding with 32 completed units...got slowed by some tinkers at first until I properly configure them

P4 [email protected] (HT just a bit)
AMD [email protected]
P4m 1.5 centrino (mostly at nights)

My P4 on a good day with it all set up tight and HT at nighttime hours can get about 150 on its own...
Yay, I finally passed 20K.. Its cool to think that just over a month ago I was racing towards 10K.