GTFO - Best new 4 player co-op in a long time?


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 17, 2011
Early Access, indie devs, small 10 person team. Anyone here played it? I love watching gameplay; it looks like about the only online MP game that has interested me in a very long time, along with re3 resistance (similar basis).
They want to fund it entirely from purchases like no man's sky initially.

Stealth shooter horror strategy game where you will shit your pants on a regular basis. Timed objectives that can change, real console cmd line stuff, levels get harder the deeper you go, you're underequipped prisoners, have limited ammo - strategy and coordination wins the day. If you don't communicate and coordinate, you die. If you think you are 1337 esport CoDnite Jenkins champ, you die.
Devs are comitted to adding new facility layouts and there is no weapon unlock BS, they also committed to only cosmetic DLC.

I'd love to give it a go but my few gaming buddies probably won't play it. They are adding matchmaking but I do like the social aspect of having to meet (discord) and trust people to not fuck if up currently, so far it seems to work and hopefully it will do so after match making is added.
Could be keen to try it with some [H]r's if the lag is not an issue as It's pve.
1st vid is older but simple play through

2nd vid is newer and basic overview of weapons, tactics and play approach

Sorry for shitty cellphone posting format. In bed trying to sleep ;)
Only problem with this game is the necessity to have 3 other people that are not shit.
I get a feeling people learn quick and it doesn't attract shit players so much, it's not instant gratification.
That said you can always find another group.. But fair point.

It looks real fun to get with a few mates and have a drunk blast.

Yeah this lol but with pant crapping bonus!