Google Bans the Term 'Kodi' From Autocomplete


May 13, 2013
Last year we published multiple articles on Kodi, and all the backlash it faced from Hollywood, the UK, and even Canada, now the software faces a new hurdle. Google has banned the term "Kodi" from it's autocomplete feature according to an article from TorrentFreak. The change means that suggestions will not appear unless you type out the full term. Google states that Kodi is targeted because its "closely associated with copyright infringement."

The article also states that Google does not document its autocomplete removal decisions, or publish a list of banned words. At least there is still duckduckgo.

The Kodi team, operated by the XBMC Foundation, is disappointed with the decision and points out that their software does not cross any lines. “We are surprised and disappointed to discover Kodi has been removed from autocomplete, as Kodi is perfectly legal open source software,” XBMC Foundation President Nathan Betzen told us.
I thought Kodi was going to switch back to XBMC. Wonder how long for stupid Google (whose motto is "be evil" I believe) to catch on or is XBMC also not working? This is guilty by association. But I abandoned google soon after duckduckgo became available and I don't miss it, and I'm sure they don't miss me. For the record I've used XBMC/Kodi for many years and never pirated a thing. I use it to play my ripped (legally owned so legally ripped) DVD/blue disks. Also glad I never used "google" as a verb.

This is how to make a search engine outdated and outmoded and useless 101. Bet there's all kinds of Nazi propaganda, how to build deadly devices and so forth info I can find on it though, but hey lets go after an open source project that'll really protect the world. Wonder who paid google for this? And what the next step is (use the "right to be forgotten" feature to forget Kodi perhaps)? BTW have they trade marked the alphabet yet?
I stopped using Google for a bit now. Got off chrome, Android, Google search, never used Gmail, and don't use any social media sites. The only service I use is Youtube and that's mainly because there isn't really a viable alternative...for now.
The hell with Google...a seach engine should not censor should show what ever is the most common words/ pages to a seach... it's why I switched away form Google last if someone could make a new phone os that would be amazing..I almost want to go back to just a dumb phone with how much syust they track of us.

1984 is going to look tame compadrc to what we windup with in a few decades.
But Google are good guys. They have doodles, and 20% time, and there was that hi-larious movie about them starring Luke Wilson's brother.
hard for me to care. If you type XMBC, you get kodi. If you type kod media player you get kodi and honestly, if you don't know the name is kodi, you probably don't know what kodi is. That said, I also don't get why Google cares. Kodi isn't the problem, it's the 3rd party piracy addons. Just ban the addon names (whatever they are).

Kodi/XBMC is a great tool for playing your media library. My ripped Blu Ray/UHD Collection (and maybe I'll add some DVDs too...we'll see) work great with Kodi (after converting to MKV...not sure why it won't play them as ISOs.

so this is what it has come to.
Wow this is constitutional. What other things Google sees fit to censor. It seriously is time to stop using Google. It's also partly owned by a russian.
Redtube and Pornhub are viable alternatives and will change your life.

Actually some Youtube content is being moved to Redtube / Pornhub because they're the only big channels where you can publish politically incorrect videos that Youtube chooses to censor.
Ugh. My company just transitioned to G Suite which pushes us deep into Google’s rancid bosom.

I dodged that bullet by unplugging the network cable, while a live demo was being done to management. Stood up and said, this is what happens when we lose our Internet connection (which happens more than it should) and said, "This is not a solution, It is another potential problem being added to our daily work load."

Less than a minute later, the meeting was over and we were back to work and I still had a job! WOOT!

If advertising over the Internet had zero impact, Google would not be where they are today and still growing more and more powerful.
Typing Kodi and the space bar shows addons as the third available term as it attempts to autocomplete (tried on W10, FF 59.0.2). They must not have given too much effort to it.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. The word Kodi will never be suggested to you, but if you type it in google will use that to filter the results. So like if you typed in open source, you would never see the word kodi pop up anymore in auto complete. I'd agree that it's just semantics because if you didn't know what kodi was, the name isn't descriptive enough for you to want to know more. If you typed k into google and it showed kodi after say Kardashian, if you didn't know what it was I doubt you would just accidently click on it, then stumble upon the addons that give free stuff.
I stopped using Google for a bit now. Got off chrome, Android, Google search, never used Gmail, and don't use any social media sites. The only service I use is Youtube and that's mainly because there isn't really a viable alternative...for now.

Enjoying that tinfoil hat are we??? Mmmm you bake some good brownies Mama....