GasBuddy App Causes iPhone Woes


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Apr 10, 2003
The GasBuddy app is allegedly causing a black screen accompanied by a spinning wheel to appear on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max devices according to leaked Apple documents. After the wheel of death appears, the phones become unresponsive. Apple Genius Bar employees are instructed to restart the devices and then ask the customer to uninstall the GasBuddy app. If that doesn't work, then they are to perform standard service processes. GasBuddy app developers are working on an update. The app is used by 70 million users worldwide.

On Friday (October 19), Apple approved the latest version of the GasBuddy app. This was subsequent to our app going through Apple's typical, thorough review process that, as you know, Apple requires before releasing any app into its store. Over the weekend, we heard from a single user that encountered an issue that resembles the one you described. We had not heard anything from Apple about GasBuddy causing unresponsive phones, or that a new app build would be required, until maybe 10 minutes before we received your inquiry. We absolutely regret any association with a poor user experience. We are committed to doing our part to address this quickly and completely. Thus, we are rapidly preparing an update we believe solves the underlying issue and are making our app temporarily unavailable for download to limit the number of potentially affected users.
Deleted this App long ago for excessive battery consumption. They apparently do not have the best coders in the land.
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I use gasbuddy on Android regularly. Curious they're having problems like this. I've honestly not had a single problem with it, including battery draw.

It's actually helped me save a good chunk of change so far.
Wheel of death rolls over a bunch of apples. Apple sauce. News at eleven.
I seem to remember there were some major security changes betwen 6 and 8 Iphones. Don't have one but a while back I remember reading something to that effect. Sounds like this app feature is courageously exploiting those 'improvements'.
I found the gas reporting in Waze (of all things) to be more reliable and accurate than Gas Buddy - at least around me. It's hidden on the search screen - you often have to scroll down to find it, so I don't think many people even realize Waze does that too...
people actually had to make genius bar appts to have their phones restarted for them?