Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

Innovative PCB designs, obscure cooling designs, reliability and affordability. They've taken over where 3dfx left off.
Interesting designs.....unfortunately I have yet to own one....But that could change now ;)

New build in progress :)
i've always heard galaxy has the coolest vid cards
I haven't had the pleasure using one yet, but the coolers seem great and this would be a fantastic fix for my Radeon 4830 situation.
I like them for the fact that they don't name their products like Mountain Dew flavors.
I haven't actually had a galaxy card of my own yet, but I have noticed a trend that Galaxy is doing very well on the cooling and noise charts, where a few companies I've chosen in the past have started to show signs of struggle. I would have no problem choosing them for a future build or recommending their cards.
Nice coolers because I always end up running aftermarket. The Galaxy cards would not make me have to spend extra cash on this.
They are not afraid to experiment with innovative cooling solutions. I do like the color scheme.
I have only installed Galaxy equipped cards for other people and their seal of approval is nice and all. But I want to do my own testing :p
Galaxy has put me off with some of their GPU offerings in the past, but the latest windforce cards have been pretty formidable, especially when it comes to low-noise cooling.