Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

hope Im not too late! I love the design of many of the cards, they have been very unique like the flip up fans and such.
Galaxy graphics cards are quality built, and has great performance. I also like the coolers on their cards as they're some of the nicest looking ones.
Never had a bad experience with Galaxy's cards or their customer support! Sign me up!
Galaxy video cards are a great value for getting outstanding quality and performance. :cool:
Honestly, without having one owned one yet, I'm not sure yet. Hopefully, that can change ;-)

I will say however, it looks like a kickin card
I like the free Galaxy cards..... They are great quality, have had several and not 1 issue (unlike evga)
Because in a galaxy far, far, away, in another dimension, my other self had one and came to me in a dream to tell me I must have it!
We have used these cards for a very long time and I would not use anything else. They are great cards and have great performance. Would really love to have one of the new cards. That would just make my Christmas.
I have always had ATI cards, but have heard that these card are great and would love to have this be my first GeForce card.
Galaxy is a name you can trust. Love the brand. I have a Galaxy Video Card now that I love. I like the temps as well

my 1000watt Galaxy PSU from 6 or so years ago is still going strong
Galaxy has been around [H] for some time now sponsoring giveaways and answering questions on the forums. Its nice to see companies get involved in some way or another, makes them feel just a little less like the corporate machine.