Developers Receive 100% Revenue Share from Viveport Subscription Until End of 2018


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
HTC has graciously extended their offer of granting developers 100% revenue sharing from the Viveport subscription until the end of the year. Normally HTC would take 30% of the subscription revenue and the developers would get 70%. Viveport now boasts a library of over 500 titles and 5x the total number of subscribers. This is expected to rise as a partnership with Amazon to sell Viveport apps and support for the Oculus Rift has been added to the service.

The second year of Viveport Subscription has seen it grow dramatically, expanding to 500 titles and 5 x the total number of subscribers. Support for Oculus Rift was also added, along with a partnership with Amazon. Oculus Rift compatibility has effectively doubled potential audience reach, as well as introducing Rift owners to the benefits of Viveport Subscription. In addition, Amazon now sells Viveport apps, with new prospective customers being displayed Viveport apps as they purchase compatible hardware.
The biggest problem with Viveport is the stability of the software itself! Go onto Reddit (/r/Vive) and read some comments...the software is buggy and often crashes the systems it's installed on. Until they fix the software, I won't use it, nor will many others.