Demon's Souls (2020)


Fully [H]
Jul 30, 2004
Yep I was up til 1am with it. I wouldn't have hated if they had added the plunge attacks from Dark Souls, or made it three weight classes instead of two (affects your rolling speed), but the developers argument would prob be that they were staying faithful to the original.

I've absolutely missed the plunging attacks. I've had people below me begging for massive damage repeatedly. It seems to hurt/stun them if you fall right on top of them, but the damage isn't really that big.


Limp Gawd
Apr 10, 2017
yep. The other games have little chunks of brilliance. Or maybe a couple of standout areas.
But, Demon's Souls rarely falters in its levels. In my opinion, the game benefits from not being interconnected or even linearly connected. Each world can be completely its own thing. Twisting and turning however the designers see fit.

it also frequently squeezes you through tight spaces or places atop walkways with many opportunities to fall. And there are no obvious "arena" areas as concessions for PVP invasions. It's so fun, because there usually aren't low stakes open areas within short distance. The environment is a major character in Demon's Souls. Both PVP and PVE.

Demon's Souls has most of what you are familiar with in the Dark Souls games. Aside from the bonfire mechanic, Dark Souls games are mostly just little sideways changes and a few refinements.

Demon's Souls even has a boss fight which other players can be summoned as. Something which they didn't do again, until Dark Souls 3.

I think the atmosphere was much better because, as you said, it was just separate worlds. I never really had a "wow" moment in the dark games but a couple of them in demon souls. which is oddly, more darker than dark souls.