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    1. austinclauser
      Hey i have two MSI Duke 2080Tis NIB and the NVlink for it. Interested?
    2. tomkunz
      Have you seen problems with the HP SAS Expanders not seeing disks attached?
    3. z04l0rd
      in case the other guy backs out on that inland drive I'd pick it up from you pay for shipping. Thanks!
    4. T88
      I'll take the 7700k if you still have it for sale can do PayPal or Zelle
    5. Rachmaninov
      Still have that 1080TI for sale? I'm interested.
    6. Poorkeitaro
      Hello! I'm interested in the Vive, if it's still available. :)
    7. alex.rizea
      Hey man! Just sent you an email, check it out :)
    8. Obsecrate
      It came in! Thanks, I'll drop some Heatware on you.
    9. Migelo
      Is your IBM card still on sale?
    10. ashrafi
      Hello , I have recently build a 40Tb Media server and i am getting Extremely slow performances , Kindly reply n i will followup with more details, i found a very old post of urs
    11. odditory
    12. qwkhyena
      Howdy Odditory! I've done a bunch of reading in the HP SAS Expander thread and also read the Areca 1680 thread but I'm still having an issue. I can't get the external ports to work when I connect the two together w/ an SFF8088 cable from Tekram. I've tried w/ the SES2 enabled & disabled. I've also tried combinations of the mux being set to auto/internal & external. No luck.

      I can get the 1680ix-12 & HP SAS Expander to play nice when I connect them internally w/ an SFF8087 but the performance is half as fast as when I use just the 1680 alone (testing them w/ 8 - 500GB Samsung HDs.)

      Any ideas? I'm running Areca 1680ix-12 w/ v. 1.48 & HP SAS Expander 2.02.
      Thanks for your time, I'm sure you're busy!

      ps. I had read one of your posts saying that if you use the external cable it bypasses the expander on the Areca card so you're not talking expander to expander. I was hoping it would help w/ performance!
    13. sinwaski
      I am totaly new too this. I am interested in the motherboard and xeons anmemory if it is still available. I live in Canada. My postal code is L7R 1P7. Do you ship to Canada. What is my total costs? How is payment made? I have a PayPal account. Please advise. Jerry
    14. nativemode
      I'm interested in the ARC-1280ML if it's still available?


    15. mikesm
      Hey Odditory, would you happen to live in the SF Bay Area? I'm trying to figure out a way to get my HP SAS expander firmware upgraded, and if you are in the area, I'd be happy to pay you to upgrade it for me. I'd rather not take the system down for a few days to deal with shipping etc...

    16. pgjensen
      you still have the WD20EADS drives?
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