Dell U3014 unboxing :)

Asus PB278Q
BenQ BL2710PT
Eizo EV2736W
NEC PA272W (Wide Gamut with Hardware Calibration)
Samsung S27A850D/T
Viewsonic VP2770
Viewsonic VP2772 (Wide Gamut)

Plenty of superior Korean 1440p options as well.
Asus PB278Q
BenQ BL2710PT
Eizo EV2736W
NEC PA272W (Wide Gamut with Hardware Calibration)
Samsung S27A850D/T
Viewsonic VP2770
Viewsonic VP2772 (Wide Gamut)

Plenty of superior Korean 1440p options as well.

Hazro=No reviews & is only available from UK vendors

Liyama=not as good as the models I suggested according to PRAD's review & uses LED PWM Dimming. The following are the best:
Excluded the 1440p Asus, LG, & Phillips which use LED PWM Dimming since it may cause health issues, affects motion clarity & Dell's since most of their products are plagued by quality control issues & all 2013 models suffer obvious overshoot ghosting, including the U2713HM which did not initially.

The Qnix may use PWM and the build quality is mediocre. Square Trade warranties & height adjustable stands can be purchased for around 50$ each and many people have fixed the back-light bleeding by taking the monitor apart.

BenQ BL2710PT
Eizo EV2736W The EV is the best if one can get one with no glow, otherwise it is not worth the extra $
Viewsonic VP2770

Wide Gamut

NEC PA272W 1550$ with the SpectraView Kit=Hardware Calibration=huge advantage vs. competitors
Viewsonic VP2772 950-1000$

The NEC's can be hardware calibrated & will offer awesome sRGB & Adobe RGB color accuracy out of the box and when calibrated. The VP2772 just came out and has not been reviewed but it will likely be much better than the Dell U2713H & Asus PA279Q, both of which suffer from obvious overshoot ghosting.
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At the moment Dell is getting some serious competition and they are no longer leading. Can/will they take it back? They could if they want. Only time will tell. Just my opinion. :)
From the forum posts I read on the dell board. If you are in the US, a refurbished unit direct from Dell would be an A03, but if you are buying new even direct from Dell, there is no guarantee that you'll get a A03.

I just emailed tech support this morning to see about arranging another monitor swap. Hopefully this time they will be able to guarantee me a A03, but I can't be sure, because it looks as if the tech support side of Dell can't tell the shipping side, that it has to ship a Rev A03. The best they can do is check if it's available and shipping, then send one and hope for the best. It really isn't exactly a good system. There have been complaints also regarding sales side, where people called to order, the sales person said they'd definitely get a A03 but they ended up getting an A02 with the problem. Honestly, after all this, Dell has really been put towards the bottom of places to buy any future monitors, but I do give them credit they have a good policy that is friendly to the consumer in regards to shipping. If it wasn't for that, they'd definitely be off my list.
Why is this hassle about REV A03? Will it solve ghosting problem? Is this problem solved on any other top models from Dell?
This is info from dell, i assume that this applies for larger screens too, so inverse ghosting will be fixed

2413 part number FJMKT has revisions A00, A01, A02
A00 = Initital release
A01 = LCD panel version number change
A02 = corrected the inverse ghosting due to too much response time compensation overdrive and USB 3.0 issues
* We received word that the factory is not changing the PPID serial number label. They are fixing them on their end but it cost too much to generate the new labels. All New U2413 purchases regardless of the revision on the label should have the internal A02 fixes. All Used/Refurbished U2413 Dell Outlet purchases regardless of the revision on the label should also have the internal A02 fixes. Of course, none of the resellers will have these fixed monitors

U2413 part number XTXXK A00 (4/15/13)
A00 = Part number XTXXK includes all of the fixes in the old part number FJMKT, A00/A01/A02. Of course, none of the resellers will have these fixed monitors
Considering how Dell is lately with this monitor I'd put it under, 'I'll believe it when I see it' list. Hopefully its true.
Keeping my fingers crossed I get the A03 model from my Newegg order yesterday. This is my first IPS display monitor so I'm not sure what to expect. I've yet to find anyone point out a monitor that is perfect in the blacks are almost pure black and absolutely no ghosting in gaming so I really need to find out for myself if the issues that are plauging this monitor will affect my quality of life.

For a reference where I am currently using now, I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster SA550 27 inch display

Would I expect to see an improvement of color and contrast quality or would I be seeing the opposite? I have to experiment if the input lag will be noticeable when gaming but I am not partial to this display if I feel it doesn't meet my expectations.

In the event I'm not happy with the display, where do I go from here? My primary goal is to find a sharp, high contrast, fast panel for gaming and photo editing. I've seen how my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 displays colors and I'm blown away from how black the blacks are and how vivid the colors and I go back to my 27 inch monitor and I'm seeing washed out blacks and dull saturation. Maybe it's a personal choice but let me know if there are better options out there.
So I finally got my U3014 Rev 2. First Impressions. Going from a 27 inch 1080p to a 30 inch 2560x1600 display was huge. Standard color settings were good but I had a Sypder 2 my brother had a few years back and ran it. Colors are saturated but not over saturated in my opinion. I'm happy with the vividness and sharpness. I do notice the glow on the bottom corners and it is something I can live with as there really isn't a better alternative without shelling out 2x the price of this monitor and with it being so large, I'm not noticing it as much as I thought I was.

On gaming, maybe my eyes aren't as sensitive as most but I had no problems playing WoW, TF2, Dota2, or any game so far without noticing any real ghosting. Maybe I'm not looking close enough or really notice. Display response doesnt feel any different from any monitor I owned.

With my Photography, pictures are sharp and colorful, I can really absorb what I'm capturing more on this display compared to my previous one. I'm very happy with how my photos come out in LR5.

I still have 30 days to evaluate this display but so far I'm happy with it so long as the hardware lasts. I have a Dell 24 inch 1920x1200 and it's been running smoothly for well over 7 years. I expect the same quality out of this monitor.

Overall, for $900, I'm satisfied. Sure I would love to see less glow on the bottom corners but it's something I can get used to very quickly.

Congrats for the new purchase. The u3014 is a great monitor despite having a few flaws.

Since you have an interest in photography, I just want to point out that you should not rely on the Spyder 2 for the following reasons
1) There is no lookup table to adjust for wide color gamut monitors such as the u3014
2) The Spyder 2 is known to be inaccurate, particularly for LCDs (Colorimeters such as the Spyder 2 have generally a hard time with LCDs as opposed to more expensive spectrophotometer)
3) The Spyder 2 drifts over time is due to the use of a non-sealed filter
In other words, the Spyder 2 should be avoided.

I highly recommend the EyeOne Display 3 (a great colorimeter for the cost) and it you the cash, the i1 Pro (a level entry spectrophotomer).
Thanks for the suggestion but for the price and since my Photography is not a money making venture yet, I wouldn't find that much value in investing $400+ for a calibration tool. I figure I would go the route of getting a Spyder 4 Pro for $180 and use it for all my displays. Do you feel Spyder doesn't have the technology suitable for wide gamut displays or it doesn't go as far as the EyeOne Display 3? If I want to invest my money I want the best bang for the buck.
Get an i1 display pro, they cost around 250$. There is no point in using a Spyder 2 since the colors are likely to be worse after calibration vs. the factory settings. Spyders (4) are are less accurate than X-Rites new models (colormunkie and i1 display pro) and can't read contrast/black levels properly either.
Tangolima600: I dare you test your monitor in dark games and etc watching dark movies also. You'll go crazy! I wanted to play Amnesia and I simply couldn't because of the severe IPS glow :/ . It's simply pathetic and outrageous that a $1000 has such flaws.
Tangolima600: I dare you test your monitor in dark games and etc watching dark movies also. You'll go crazy! I wanted to play Amnesia and I simply couldn't because of the severe IPS glow :/ . It's simply pathetic and outrageous that a $1000 has such flaws.

You're right about the glow, and it's my only gripe I have with the monitor. However, what alternatives are out there? It seems that all IPS displays suffer from this but what other display tech can produce colors and contrasts as vivid as IPS? I'm certainly considering other options if the price justify the means. The size and color quality definitely impresses me. Barring the two bottom corners, which I don't feel I notice as much with a larger display because most of your attention is being focused on the center.

I dont think any monitor will be perfect and there will always be a flaw someone will pick up on. For me, as of now, I can live with the glow in the two bottom corners because the rest of the display is very sharp, the blacks are deep and I'm mezmorized by the screen real estate coming from a 1920x1080 display.

With that, by all means suggest some alternatives and I'll give it a look. Preferably monitors you can get from Newegg if possible.
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Damn, newegg has a sick deal on Dell U3014 right now....about $807 shipped with coupon code NEWEGGBLKFRI5A
what alternatives are out there?

Unless you sit at least 121cm/4ft away all 30" will suffer from very obvious glow, especially if you keep the brightness cranked. 27" 1440p monitors exhibit far less glow than 30" when viewed from 2-3ft away and most have far less ghosting than the 3014 which is a ghosting champion.

It seems that all IPS displays suffer from this but what other display tech can produce colors and contrasts as vivid as IPS?

Most budget monitors have modes(Asus Theater, Samsung Magic Bright) with over-saturated and inaccurate colors just like the non-sRGB and non-color managed colors wide gamut monitors provide. You are mistaking over-saturation for vibrancy. People are not supposed to look like they all have sun burns or regularly attend tanning salons. Set the monitor to the sRGB mode=proper colors unless you know how to enable color management in the few programs which support it or own an AMD gpu (go into the AMD Catalyst Control Center>display color section and check "Use Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)" in Color Temperature Control).
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I think where the price stands now, I'm very satisfied. Working with my photos has really got me motivated to invest more time into my hobby and gaming makes me feel immersed and in control. Thanks for the heads up Dukenuke, going to contact Newegg to match that price. Thanks NCX for suggesting the i1 Display pro, might pick that one up since the price dropped on the monitor.
Well I just got another replacement monitor from Dell. This one is ... rev A02, but it doesn't have any lines issue!!! :) I have to say I am very surprised. When it arrived I looked on the box and I was pretty pissed off. I was thinking about just sending it back without opening it, but now I am so glad I opened it anyway. It's definitely better than the initial monitor they sent me. This one is running default brightness, and no lines are visible even with the test image. This one also has 0 dead pixels and 0 stuck pixels out of the box :). If there is any one minor thing to complain about is the AdobeRGB preset seems to be a slight bit off with white but that might just be because I was so use to the initial monitor they sent me that seemed to be perfect in the AdobeRGB preset mode. That is not a scientific analysis, just based off what I am seeing on the screen. IPS glow is the same on this monitor as the initial. Finally though I think I got a winner here :)
The problem with the U3014 is that if you have more than one it is VERY difficult to calibrate them to all look the same. This is more pronounced if you have Nvidia Surround since there is 0 way to calibrate each one due to Nvidia Surround seeing the monitors as one single unit vs 3 separate. NCX Would you agree?

I am doing Surround FYI
Got my $140 gift card from Newegg from the price drop since I bought it last week. Hmm what to spend it on.. Maybe a calibrator.
Regarding U3014's MST capability, which is a great feature (I guess underestimated or even unknown by many, of course not by you guys in this forum :D), I'd have a few questions since I never ran a multiple monitor setup yet nor have any MST experiences:
  • generally how many displays can be daisy-chained via MST? Is this solely defined by GFX card spec? What's the largest setup one came across so far what's possible?
  • according to Apple's website, the MBP15retina can drive 2 external displays. Does a daisychained setup (MBP >> U3014 > MST >> 2nd display) count as 2, or could I connect technically a third display to the MBP via MiniDP-to-DVI adapter for example and have used 2 physical outputs (the 2 Thunderbolt/MiniDP ports) of the MBP and does this count "as 2" but driving actually 3 displays?
  • is it correct that the last monitor in such a daisy-chain, could be a display which just supports DP1.1 (is it 1, or 1.1 or 1.1a? Sorry, I'm new in this field) standard?
  • and last but not least: Dell sells also DP-to-DVI adapter. Could I therefore connect as last monitor even a non-DP display, just by going from U3014 DP-out into the DP-to-DVI adapter and then continuing via a DVI cable into an older model, like the 2407WFP? Would it work like that? Would it work at all or is it required to have a full DP-based chain? Or would it at least require an active adapter, and not a passive one like the Dells one seems to be? I chatted today with the European Dell support - they couldn't answer it and even told me they have in their internal information system no technical information about the U3014.. :confused:
Thanks for any thoughts and hopefully experiences from practice! :)
I'm a display port newb as well and so far I've yet to be able to output my macbook air and my Lenovo t430 work laptop. Anyone have any tips or advice? I'm using the display port cable that came with the monitor.
I would say that U3014 RTC overshoot, poor black and backlight bleed issues make this monitor a below average gaming monitor.
I have no issues when gaming. Maybe my eyes aren't that sensitive but I'm totally immersed and I find the color and black quality fine except in the bottom corners which 90% of the time I'm not focused on to begin with.
As far as gaming goes, I think it's fine. I have played various types of games and haven't noticed anything. There is a bit of IPS glow on the bottom corners of the monitor but other than that, the colors are great and so are the black levels. There is no back light bleed on my monitor.
Anybody play Diablo 3? I wonder how darker games look or if the bottom corners look terrible. Anybody else get a new A03 yet? Some guy on Dell forum just said he finally got a brand new one in the USA I believe.
Anybody play Diablo 3? I wonder how darker games look or if the bottom corners look terrible. Anybody else get a new A03 yet? Some guy on Dell forum just said he finally got a brand new one in the USA I believe.

Amazon is stating A3 revision outright on their site, but the item is under review due to the high rate of return. I think it's because people kept sending them back if they didn't get an A03 revision. :D
This currently the best 30inch out on the market?

Whats the Quality control like?

I don't know if it is the best 30" out there, but it was the best at a price I was willing to pay when I bought it. There might be better, but much higher in price like the NEC. I never checked it out because of it's price. I am sure some will argue that there are better 16:9 monitors, but I want 16:10 for my PCs usually so they weren't an option. If you don't have a preference you might want to consider a 16:9 as there are many more options.

QA well that IMHO is hit and miss. If you get a good one, I think it's a very good monitor. If you want to buy this monitor I highly recommend getting it direct from Dell only because of the QA. If you get a bad one that has the horizontal line thing, Dell will let you swap it out and they pay shipping. It took me a few months and 2 monitors before I got one I was happy with. The IPS glow differs also depending on the monitor. The one I have now is a little better than my first and much better than the second. The horizontal line problem also varies, some are so obvious that it is completely unacceptable like the second one they shipped me, while the one they initially sent me was manageable by lowering the brightness to below 30 to somewhat hide it. Out of the 3 monitors the one I kept is perfect in the sense that there are 0 off pixels, and 0 stuck on pixels. The first 2 both had 1 off pixel, the first one being in an area of the screen I didn't notice it much, and the second, being right near the center where I would see it all the time. Dell's pixel policy is one of the better ones for stuck on pixels (min of 1) but not good for the off pixels (min of 6) for the ultrasharp monitor line.
Don't think there is a difference.
One says includes VAT and Shipping and the other says excludes, so maybe that's all.