Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

I love how Corsair has a great reputation, excellent customer service, and the quality and dependability of their products is awesome.
Corsair is the only company that I don't have a negative anecdote for. Their dedication to quality control, service and performance has no parallel.

Corsair is the only company I can recommend to someone without any reservation.
Corsair = quality in whatever they come out with, products that have been thought thru not just thrown together, and they go for reasonable prices. Win, Win.
I have used various Corsair components (memory, PSUs and a headset) in my personal PCs during the last 8 years and all of them have met and exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work!
After 4 years, 2 cases, countless number of ram sticks, a couple packaged water cooled sets, 4 psu's, 2 head sets, 6 SSD's and roughly 2-3k spend on their products - They have NEVER let me down, not once.

They've basically succeeded where others have failed.... at a hardware level.

Keep turning out those great products guys!
Only buy corsair memory and PSU for reliability and warranty and great pricing!

Not to mention who cant like company that does free giveaways!
Have Corsair ram and a power supply in my current machine, and have owned other Corsair ram before that. Prices were quite reasonable and for the most part they've shown to be quite a reputable company with mostly quality products as far as Im aware. Had one encounter with their support team on their forums and they offered to take my ram back and test/replace, but I couldnt confirm the ram was truly the problem and not the processor itself when overclocked. Opted not to waste both my time theirs. Overall a company I'd do business with again.
Corsair gear are nicely designed, work great and can be had at affordable prices.
I've got an 800d and an ax750, along with memory over the years. The PSU is excellent and the case is a dream.
anyone of those packages would be a huge upgrade for me!! i want to pimp my pc with corsair gear!!
I love Corsair. It's dependable, long lasting, affordable. Having Corsair parts in my computer makes my life and job easier. And who doesn't like easy?
I like Cosair because they use quality components in their products and they stand behind them with great warranties.

That and Corsair understands that subtle gaming products have a market instead of all flashing lights and cheap plastic.
Corsair makes quality stuff, and backs it up with great warranty service (that they actually deliver!!). IMO, they are clearly one of the top brands.

I particularly like the fact that they advance the state of the art, not just introduce "me-too" products. Whenever they enter a new space (power supplies, cases, headphones, etc.), they raise the game for everybody.
I love Corsair's great customer service. You hope to never have to you it, but when you do it's always nice when it's easy. I also love my White 500R :) A very well designed, beautiful case.
Quality products, great support and the amounts of products they have for the hardware/gaming enthusiasts!
I would be honored to have any of these barebones, to actually put stuff in it worth pushing the limits like they were designed for. I have a lot of respect for corsair, It's like they really put themselves in the customers shoes. I hope this company keeps going in the right direction by expanding their products at a moderate rate, To keep those high quality standards that everyone loves about them.
I've only used their memory in my older system. I'm way over due for a new one and would love to use the Corsair Quality components. Merry Christmas.:D
Corsair is by far the best ever.

I own the 800D and it's the best case I have owned to date.
Corsair is one of the best companies out there! Their customer service rocks! Love the H100!

Pls and thank you for letting me enter!

Happy Holidays to all!!!!

:) :D ;)
I love the quality and power of Corsair's products. Their tech support and customer service are top notch, if you ever even need it. Their lifetime warranty just ties it all together, giving you complete confidence in buying their hardware for your precious gaming rig!
Corsair has an awesome logo, which fits their company. Explorers and pioneers of new technology which other companies are usually slow to follow and don't live up to Corsair's quality.
Quality products! They have been my go to brand for power supplies since they entered the market and I have not had any problems. Considering getting a new case from them soon.
What I like the most about Corsair is their presence in the community.

I can log on several different forums and one of the beards is posting away helping people out and taking input from us enthusiasts.

It also doesn't hurt having highly rated components like their PSUs, RAM and cooling solutions that broke the trail for their beautiful cases, audio hardware, mice and keyboards.

When they decide to enter a market they do so with both guns a blazing.