Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

I have had great luck with corsair so far. 750watt ps/550watt ps, ram and headphones.
CS is very good too. had one return which was a very fast turnaround.
I love their memory. Top notch all the time. Zero failures. My H100 rocks!

Oh yeah, forgot the HS1 headset. That rocks, too!
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Love the quality - never had to test the customer service because none of my Corsair products have ever failed. I've never purchased ram from another company because the prices are right and the quality is there.
Corsair is amazing!!!! I love all their products and their amazing customer service! me want new stuff too!
Corsair just keeps getting better and better in all areas; I love their customer service, products, and their expansion into being a PC peripheral maker, instead of being just a memory/storage company.
Corsair has a wide range of products, but what really sets them apart, and my favorite thing about the brand, is that each product is executed as if the entire company were focused on making that product the best in it's class. Often times, they succeed.
The quality and reliability of Corsair products is what really stands out. I am running Corsair memory (DDR1- 4x256MB LL modules at 2-2-2-5) and a Corsair TX650 ps in my dinosaur-like system and the Corsair hardware really shines. That being said, it sure would be nice to have a modern Corsair loaded system as opposed to my horse and buggy era rig.
I'm extremely happy with Corsair's quality and designs. Attention to detail is excellent on their cases. I've used Corsair memory for years and I've never had a problem except for one batch, which was taken care of immediately by customer service. It would be a pleasure to handle some of their new products!
What I really like is that Corsair doesn't rush out garbage , they take their time and get it right the first go round, then just make the follow up product something you really want not product 1.0 in 2.0 clothing.
Quality products, and a SERIOUS commitment to back their product.

I've had them warranty a 7 year old stick of ram that went bad. Not only did they replace it, they gave me a significantly upgraded part.
The best way to sum up Corsair is Quality at a fair price. You make or sell a quality product people will buy it. The products they design and sell have all been quality products from memory to power supplies. I can tell Corsair cares about what they design and sell and it shows. I buy from Corsair because I know it's going to last and be pleased with it over the years.

P.S. Did I win?

I haven't built a new system in a while, but back when I did, I've always gone with corsair ram. I've have NEVER had a problem with customer service with exchanging ram that has gone bad for some reason. for this reason alone, when it comes next to build a new computer, I will seriously consider corsair components, just based on my past experiences.
I like the fact that Corsair has been consistent in the quality of their products, regardless of the type of product.
Memory, cases, cooling, SSD's and audio products are all well represented by Corsair.
It's even more amazing when you look at the other companies that started in their original niche of high-end memory.
I like Corsair because they ventured out from becoming just a brand of memory/ram to an enthusiast's destination for a plethora of very niche products.
Wow! How nice is this.
Like the greatest WW2 fighter ever built, the name lives on with the same quality and performance.
Would be great luck, and a great honor to enjoy such kit.
Quality products! I also like that you keep trying to let me win by having nice contests @ [H]
What i like about Corsair is their quality products which are complete bang for the buck.
And their service is excellent.
This makes them the most trusted among gamers.
I like corsair because my 620hx is still going strong after all these years :)
I like the quality products they sell. Only thing I haven't gotten from them this year is a cooler.
Corsair has great products and great customer service!!!! Looking to buy a new water cooler soon!!!
I like my schmexy new Corsair Survivor USB 3.0 16 GB flash drive. That thing is amazing. It works just like every other Corsair product I've owned-- looks good, durable, reliable, FAST (if applicable), I get my stuff for a good price, and I always get my rebates back too and is why I like Corsair.

My 11 year old son would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new Corsair-based PC in which to play Guild Wars 2 with his old man on next year. :D