Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

Love your ram and PSU's as I run them both so far. Ship me these goodies and I will love them too!
Corsair is the best company in the world that is not in my Sig.

We have to change that. ;)
Great quality products and the fact that I don't need to worry about my system crashing/failing.
I've never had a problem with any of the corsair products ive owned. No RMA's is a wonderful thing!
Corsair means quality to me, unlike obsessive compulsive zeroes who rush everything to market with minimal testing.
Even though they do not make the every item they sell, they keep the quality high and do not sell out like other companies. You can count on Corsair products to be quality, tested and reliable.
They have a great technical support team that really cares about the products they sell.
Corsair has built their product line on high quality items.
What I like about Corsair is the exceptional customer service they provide, and the outstanding quality of their products. I would love to win one of these "barebone" Corsair systems. :cool:
Corsair has the coolest looking products, their color scheme always looks great no matter what case you put them in and you always have the peace of mind knowing there products won't fail. BTW Best power supply I have ever owned.
Since buying my first piece of Corsair memory 8 years ago, I have appreciated paying a premium for a product that to this day is still running, through a double set of hand-me-downs.
I am sure this will be true for every other Corsair component I've purchased since then.
plus, the purple heat-spreader was easier to sell the wife on ;)
Corsair has OVERALL huge customer service and quality components.

One of the best parts makers around...

Could I beg for System 1?

corsair products have always been about quality.. now gimmie! :)
The thing I enjoy most from Corsair, is that I've never once had to worry about my PSU failing in my HTPC, which gets a lot of use. Any thing I've ever had from them has always had awesome build quality. It's easy to trust a company that makes a solid product.
All of their components are of high quality and stability. I really wish they made motherboards and video cards.
I like the fact that corsair has pretty solid customer support.

They're going to be paying for my video card and mobo potentially from an H50 leaking everywhere. I'm that lucky.
simply put quality memory i can rely on to perform. really enjoying my CPU cooler as well
I love the quality of Corsair's products. Their memory is top notch, their cases are just what an enthusiast needs, and their PSUs put out really clean power.
I've bought many corsair products over the years...RAM, power supply, CPU cooler. Corsair sells quality stuff.
Corsair has made quality products for years and that is why I continue to recommend them.
I love Corsairs diverse product range. With the quality of Corsair it is difficult to justify any other brand but theirs. With great pricing and the reliability to back it they are the first brand of choice. As a System Builder I put alot of systems together so I know what works and what doesn't.

Keep up the Great Work CORSAIR!!!!!
I can't say I have any experience with their customer service as everything I own from them is running well and doing what I bought it to do.

Their cases and design aesthetics are very appealing and operation is what I would ask for in a system. It's obvious that they use their own products (which cannot be said for most) and their idea of what the computing experience should be, aligns with my own.