Checked some of my 'in-game' hours..... Yikes

Audiosurf - 541 hours

That is awesome. I always tell myself I need to play that more. I always get a new album and I want to play listen to it while I play it...but I never do it....At like 30 hours on it.

Mine are all estimated to the nearest 100 and not all from steam.

N64 goldeneye ~ 2000+
N64 Mario Kart ~ 2000+
Saturn Bomberman ~ 2000+
Diablo 2 ~ 2000+
Diablo 3 ~ 1600
Warcraft 2 ~ 1000
FF7 ~ 800
FF6 ~ 600
L4D2 ~ 500
L4D ~ 400
Dark Souls 2 ~ 300 -----------Best game on planet earth BTW
BF3 ~ 300
BF2 ~ 300
BF wife ~ once
Tetris ~ 300
................................probably about 50 others with 50+ hours.
Grand Theft Auto IV 950 hours (split almost evenly by xbox and pc versions)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 427 hours
Battlefield 3 - 287 hours (according to Battlelog)
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer - 258 hours
halo pc alone... easily 4000 hours.

i had 2 xfires with maxed out freind lists (some dupes but still)

first xfire showed like 800 something second one had over 2300 and that doesnt include games where i wasnt logged into xfire

any other game doesnt matter about 500 hours into dota right now. whoever knows how many i spent on skyrim but it nearly cost me a relationship ahahhaa
I think mine are way off because if you idle a lot, then they are very skewed. I've left some steam games open overnight and that really messes up things.
i dont even want to know what my WoW /played is but id bet its over 2k hours >.>

edit and i checked >.> 400+ days logged in thats 9k hours ish
Skyrim - 204hrs
BL2 - 194hrs

I have a handful of other games with 10-30hrs of play.

If my wife ever questions my gaming habits, I'm pointing her to this thread. :D Some of you have a LOT of time on your hands.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: 45 hrs
Left 4 Dead 2: 51 hrs
Deus Ex: HR: 61 hrs
Torchlight: 72 hrs
Batman Arkham Asylum: 73 hrs
Borderlands: 98 hrs

Team Fortress 2: 2920 hrs

It's only four months in the grand scheme of things. :D
Apparently Bejeweled on my phone tracks your hours...

45 hours. Seriously!?!? :( I'm sad at myself. It's also an indicator of how much time I spend on the train....and on the porcelain throne. :D
LOTRO Probably 4000+ hours. I dont want to install the game to look.
I have around 100-150 hrs on diablo 3 I think. I'd need to reinstall it to check, though this crusader class for the expansion will probably provoke that.
Diablo 2.. I had probably 1000+ hours.

On steam..
CS:GO 242
CODMW2: 235
Skyrim: 234
BFBC2: 97
Arma 2: 80
Dead Island: 60
Fallout: New Vegas 55
Deus Ex: HR 54