Checked some of my 'in-game' hours..... Yikes

Sep 8, 2005
Just started looking at how many hours I played some Steam games and was shocked.... What are your top 3-5 number of hours spent in-game from Steam or pretty much anything that keeps track... Not guessing, on games or launchers that actually track the number of hours.....

I was shocked to see some of the totals, and I know there are [H] Members with a lot more than me.

Here's mine:

L4D - Steam - 378 Hours
L4D2 - Steam - 511 Hours
Diablo 3 - Blizz - 817 Hours (on my Demon Hunter)...


For steam games:

Terraria - 206 hrs
Neverwinter Nights 2 - 138 hrs
L4D2 - 73 hrs
Super Meat Boy - 60 hrs

Worth pointing out I had a non steam version of NWN2, and played through and beat the OC before I got the steam version. Those hours on steam are just co-op play of the OC.

Generally I don't put more than 100-150 hours into any one game before I'm up and off on something else. That being said, I shudder to think how much of my life has disappeared into the void that is Minecraft. :eek:
Here's my top three

Day of Defeat: Source - 791 Hours
Battlefield 3 - 570 Hours
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer - 309 Hours

I think my DoD:S number is low because I started playing before Steam started tracking hours. Also if D2 would have kept track of my play time I can only imagine it would easily be over 1000 hours.
ehehe Just for the heck of it I went and looked.. Skyrim Im now over 1000 hours. Didnt think it was even close to that.
Wow, 1000 hours in Skyrim? Surely you must have multiple characters that have 100%'d the game by now. Or did you mean 100?
Wusses! I had like 1200 hours at least in Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black together. Something like 900 in Guild Wars.

EDIT:: Ooohhh... and someone beat me with nearly 1800. LOL.

220 days gathered from Dark Age of Camelot

155 days on Warhammer Online
My highest on steam is Skyrim at 194 hours, everything else is under 100 hours.
But I know for sure StarCraft: Brood War and the original Counter-Strike would dwarf that. But neither of them tracked hours. StarCraft 2 would dwarf it as well, but it doesn't track hours either. They would probably have even crazier numbers like the guy above.
I remember my count on EQ was staggering...

Does anyone ever look back at all that time spent and have an ounce of regret?
For steam,

Zombie Panic Source
398 hrs on record

Sword of the Stars
190 hrs on record

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
122 hrs on record

For non-steam games and potentially non-pc,

I don't know exactly, but games like Rome Total War, Neverwinter Nights, Master of Orion, Master of Magic, and Dragon's Dogma are probably way up there as well.

No regrets, though. :cool:
Between dota+hon+dota2 i've probably totaled about 4000 hours played.

Another 1600 in UT2004, maybe 200 in each COD4, TF2, and CS:S. 800 in vanilla WoW, 500 in Rift.
dear god... im going to shoot myself.... 1 year 11 months 13 days 23 minutes logged in across my wow account...
Red Orchestra: Ost Front 1941-45
177 hours. About half of the time I played was not recorded.

Battlefield 3
316 hours and 16 minutes.

DCS Black Shark
37 hours.

Just Cause 2
37 hours.

Deus Ex Human Revolution
36 hours.

These are all the games with recorded in game time. Most of the games I played for many hours do not have a time counter on them, so I really have no idea what my most played game of all time is.
If we count MMORPGs, I've spent 2493 hours in Eve Online according to Steam. However, I stopped launching Eve via the Steam client for a year and just launched the Eve program directly. So there's a whole year of unrecorded Eve game-time.

As for regular games, that would apparently be Fallout New Vegas at 607 hours as of today. Next up is Men of War at 227 hours and Battlefield 3 at 168 hours.
129 hours in Skyrim.
128 hours in Settlers 6

Highest is probably UT2004, too bad there's no way of tracking that one

Fallout:New Vegas - 485
Just curious, how did you get that many hours from those games?:eek:
civ 5 at 483 hours played is my highest on steam. age of conan is something like 1400 hours.
Just curious, how did you get that many hours from those games?:eek:

I was kinda wondering the same thing but after thinking about it all three of those games have lots of different mods to play around with so I could see spending that much time messing around with mods.
I remember my count on EQ was staggering...

Does anyone ever look back at all that time spent and have an ounce of regret?

Nope, I still look back fondly on my time with EQ2. I only wish I still had the same amount of free time I did back then.
I was kinda wondering the same thing but after thinking about it all three of those games have lots of different mods to play around with so I could see spending that much time messing around with mods.

Exactly. These type of games,open world shooters with RPG elements,seem to attract a lot of mod support. Between the mods and DLC's,you can log a lot of hours. I easily have as many hours with Fallout 3,but it's not listed on STEAM.
Mount and Blade Warband: 743 hrs
Civ V: 545 hrs
Shogun 2: 489 hrs
what the hell have i done with my life?
Battlefield 2 -1004
Battlefield: Vietnam -929
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas -868
World of Warcraft -575
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes -511
X3: Terran Conflict -472
RIFT -446
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction -442
Battlefield 2142 -411
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 -385
Neverwinter Nights 2 -245
Crysis -242
X3: Reunion -169
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 -159
Dragon Age: Origins -157
Supreme Commander -117
Darkspore -79
Counter-Strike: Source -75

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer
1,181 hrs on record

1,030 hrs on record

X3: Albion Prelude
561 hrs on record

PlanetSide 2
335 hrs on record

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
234 hrs on record

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer
150 hrs on record

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
146 hrs on record

Borderlands 2
141 hrs on record

Saints Row: The Third
97 hrs on record

Beat Hazard
41 hrs on record

Wargame: European Escalation
38 hrs on record

Far Cry® 3
38 hrs on record

Cities XL 2012
35 hrs on record

Arma 3 Beta
19.7 hrs on record
557 hours on BF2
Thankful I can't see how many on Medal of Honor : Allied Assault. Guild Wars was over 1000 hours if I remember correctly.
my total hours for all Steam games is 4193 hours and Xfire is 9080 hours.

that doesnt include BF1942 2000+ hours or SWG another 2000+ hour games i played
I had over 400 days played on my magician in EQ. the free time i had in college and right after was staggering.
My highest on steam is Skyrim at 178 hours. When I quit wow a couple years ago I had something like 80 days played since beta, so glad to be done with that game.

Beyond those I think Daoc probably had a bunch, oh and the original Starsiege Tribes, I played that game like crack in the early 2000's. God I'm old.
My highest is almost 900 hours in counter strike source.
Everything else is under 350 hours.
If I remember right I have between 500 - 600 days played in World of Warcraft which translates to over 14,000 hours. After I left that religion I joined the Steam occult. Not going to go completely down my list, but I have stuff like BF:BC2 at 338 hours, BL2 at 312 hours, Warframe at 297 hours. Hell Steam says I only put 126.5 hours into Warframe the past 2 weeks. I'm recovering from my addiction slowly but surely. :)

When I played Aion the game would kick you out after 30 hours of playing straight. I got kicked every other day because well there are only 24 hours in a day. RIFT I bet had some decent play time. Defiance. Diablo 3 is over 500 hours last I checked. Hell when I was a kid I alternated sleeping cycles with my little sister and played Defender for 2 weeks straight until the Atari literally burned up sitting on the floor between us.

I need some sunlight!
Steam top 3:
Borderlands 2 - 136 hrs
F1 2010 - 99 hrs
Borderlands - 56 hrs

the rest of my steam games i played varies on avg 10 up to 40 hours

Now World of Warcraft....
654 days total, over half of which is on 1 character, across 6 characters.
Ive played on and off since 2006, so 7 years x 365 = 2555
654/2555 = ~.26
A quarter of my waking hours have been spent playing WoW :eek:
I had around 2400 hours into my main in City of Heroes when I played, easily another 5000 hours among all the rest of my characters. My wife makes my time in that game look like nothing.

Can't say I regret it. I have made good friends from those games, and my wife was just another person I met while running raids. I suppose if I spent all my gaming time by myself it would be one thing, but we duo a lot of games and we regularly play games with our kids (4 Steam accounts in my house...). So long as we're being social with our gaming habits and still keeping up the house, it's not a big deal. We don't watch any television nor do we have any other time sucking hobbies, so why not enjoy the one we have in common?
I just cancelled my WoW account for the last time. I've been playing off and on since beta but haven't played hardcore since Wrath. Total time played is sitting around 318 days. Its just not fun anymore.

Now lets see if I can break that personal record with Star Citizen.