Bit-HDTV invites

I'm not sure if anymore invites are available, but I would love one for sure.

trginter (at) gmail (dot) com
i've got a handful of bit-hdtv invites. willing to trade in exchange for another invite.

PM me.
I have 6 to give away. proofs + email + speedtest.
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I'd love to transition to a mature tracker. I have an U/D ratio of:

Your Share Ratio: 2.43
Uploaded: 1.95 TB
Downloaded: 821.03 GB

on another site.


Please feel free to PM with any questions if interested.
I have some invites for bit-hdtv, I would be willing to trade for another good invite, same rules would apply for my invite as OP.

Uploaded 191.50 GB
Downloaded 158.59 GB
Ratio 1.208
I would love an invite if anyone gets an extra.

zagon187 AT gmail DOT com


Anything besides Demonoid?
I'd appreciate an invite. :)

theineffablebob AT gmail [dot] com

(Download speed actually peaks at around 30 megabits. The 1 MB/s upload speed is what matters, though. :D)

pretome stats

EDIT: Got an invite. Thanks!
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I have 5 again, send ration info and e-mail addy to me and ill see what i can do
Guys, you can stop asking. As of March 1st, invitations/registration have been suspended.
I have 5 more, but since the invites are closed ATM I cannot give them out right away. However, if someone had a or invite available, they would get first dibs when invites are opened again :)
im not sure if invitations are still suspended, but if they aren't, i would love for an invite :D

thanx in advance!
I have an assload of bonus points I can spend on invites, but they're still closed.
Heh. If you don't upload your account gets removed. So basically you have to put yourself in danger of being raped with copyright infringement and related legal issues. In order to be considered a part of the bit-hdtv community. I'll bet in less than a year there will be some problems for the creator.

The simple truth is that uploaders get all the bullshit. Get caught downloading, it's a slap on the wrist (most of the time)
Every private torrent site is the same, use the site or your account will be removed for people who actually intend to use it... That is nothing new.
I got 5 invites. But there a 20,000 member limit and as of right now there are 21,428 members so I cant give it away :/
If they become available I've got a DODS guest pass or HL2 EP1 guest pass for whoever can get me in.