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  • Hey hows going, sorry for the late reply.

    1. two rads for cooling for sure, 930 OC to 4.2 is pretty hot, not to mention the 2x 480. it's one effective heater for sure, my tiny computer room is not build to handle this kind of heat lol.

    2. Danger Den stuff is... great performance imo, just for this particular build, their block doesn't really suit my need for the look I'm going for.

    3. 1 pump 1 res, I actually bought 2 res 2 pumps for dual loop, but in the end, setting up 1 loop is not only easier, but performance wise, it's actually equal or better for normal usage, ie. not folding 24/7. There is a extensive break down on the temp and flow data on XtremeSystem forums on 1 loop vs 2 loop, google it if you're interested in the actual numbers.
    Hey there! Some questions on your modded case if you'll entertain them. :)

    1. You're running two rads because you need the extra cooling to handle one giant loop? (At least it looks like one giant loop.)

    2. How does Danger Den stuff rate in your mind versus the EK stuff?

    3. Do you have two pumps going then with the two rads?

    Thanks for any replies!
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