Bit-HDTV invites

all those requesting here and PM'ing without your email address... Please read the original post.
Doesnt that make you a hyppocrit then?

No it doesn't, i am not offering my invites on a public forum to anyone who asks. I do not feel like breaking common tracker courtesy, and don't want my account being disabled for someones negligence or malicious intent.
can anyone send me an invite? I'll trade for a demonoid (once it's back up and running)
sent OP a PM, but incase anyone has an extra invite, send me a PM and I'll give you my email.
I would also love an Invite, demonoid's servers took a piece of my heart with them. Please PM me if you have any to spare :)
what's with all the people complaining about demonoid being down? i haven't been able to find any of the stuff i find on bits-hdtv on demonoid.... they're completely different trackers....
should anyone have an invite remaining and wouldn't mind sending it to me i don't know how i'd get you back but i'd be thankful ;)
Do not post your email in here. Multiple people are going to end up sending you invites.
can I get one? I had one but let it expire because I had months of shit happening in my life at the time.
can I get one? I had one but let it expire because I had months of shit happening in my life at the time.

Either the same thing happened to me, or my account was lost in some other fashion. But I had a great share ratio and plenty of data transferred.

I might get on IRC and just ask Bit-HDTV directly if they have record of my account. If they do then they should have no problem reinstating my account.

Edit: Judging by the BHD IRC channel, I won't be getting my account back.

I'd love an invite if anyone can spare. I always keep a good ratio. My Demonoid user name: Vampiyer.
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Anyone who got an invite having any trouble logging on?

I activated my invite and then tried to log on yesterday and it says no record of my username. I tried to send a password to my email and there's no record of my email. I tried to hop on the listed irc channel and that seems dead. If anyone has some info for me I'd appreciate it.
Since demonoid is down, Im in need of another source for HD quality movies. I would really appreciate an invite. Thanks.
I have a 20/5 connection that is in dire need of some traffic. I have a dedicated server for all to gather from me. Can you give me an invite?

Super thanks!@ Got One
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If someone could hook me up with an invite as well I would appreciate it.

I could share an invite to either Demonoid or another site.

I have sent out two PM's to give out invites. The offers are good for 48 hours and if not taken i will re-offer them.

I will hand out many more invites in the future, to people who DON'T PM me.
It is one of my life's goals to receive a Bit-HDTV invite sometime before I die.
I've got an excellent ratio at passthepopcorn and bitgamer. I would LOVE an HD television show invite