Bit-HDTV invites


I have 4 BIT-HDTV invites available.

To get one, you must be a non-noobie at [H]ardForum... if "noobie" is your status, sorry, I won't give you one.

If interested, PM me your email and I'll send you one :D.
bit-hdtv sucks these days, since eureka left. They never have the new releases on time.
Yep, and unless you have a Fiber connection, goodluck downloading the freeleech 40GB ISO's.
How is that? They always had good, new, properly sized releases. How was it worse with them there?
It was DEFINITELY better when eureka was around... amazing releases, free leech, fast speeds....

invites are all gone again :)
Don't waste your time at They administration/staff/mods seem like Jackasses.
Torrents are insanely fast, but if that isn't your thing then by all means avoid it.
i would like to get an invite.. please if anyone has one to spare.. send one this way..
I would really like one also. I have a demonoid with a few invites and a 2.2 ratio with close to 200gb uploaded.

Just pm me please!

Thank you.
i have Bit-hdtv invites, but it tells me the user cap is reached and to check back later.. Think you'll all have to wait for the user purge whenever that is before anyone gets invites
so signup is on hold now that the max amount of users is reached. I'll post when I can invite again
Could someone send me a invite? I definitely would use this as i'm in the army and stuck in South Korea with hundreds of movies I have seen more then 3 times.
Great site. I could generate about 5 invites if I needed, but I guess not.

Jenova did you not see what was just posted?