AW3821DW (Nov 2020) with GSync Ultimate


Jan 13, 2021
Could the non-flickers have Variable Backlight: Mode 2 active? I noticed it's bearly visible in mode 2, but modes 0 and 1 have clear dark grey flicker.
Edit: Mode 2 seems to have a hidden bonus level: left and right side of the monitor flicker when taking cursor from edge to edge, has anyone succesfully used HDR on this monitor? :D
Um... I tried all 3 modes but didn't really see any difference with regards to flicker in Windows.
I've left it on mode 0 for a good while now and pretty much got used to the flicker. Might give mode 2 another shot...


Feb 13, 2021
They do seem to be cable sensitive, probably because of the fact that they push DP bandwidth the the max, and maybe the Gsync module on top of it. I had some minor, intermittent issues with mine after I got it over my very lengthy (20') DP cable so I decided to get a fiber optic one and that solved the problems.
Today my flicker returned even with the new purchased cable. Guess I have to try fibre optic too.


Oct 26, 2004
I've been using it for a while and the only issue I have is that my GPU doesn't wanna run such a large resolution. There is considerable lag, un-responsiveness, YouTube vids go black (need to minimize to refresh) since moving to this.

Running a 980ti.


Jan 11, 2005
I didn't notice this till now (because it went to my spam folder), but Dell released a tech memo a few days ago about AW3821DW flickering.
Dell Tech Memo said:
Dell Technologies Alienware AW3821DW Gaming Monitor - Flickering at 30Hz

Dear Valued Dell Technologies Customer:

This E-mail is part of our commitment to proactively notify customers of important product quality and preventative maintenance information. Dell Technologies has identified that customers who purchased certain Alienware AW3821DW Gaming Monitors may encounter display flickering in a specific usage scenario when using low refresh rate at 30 Hz. This monitor is a gaming monitor designed to perform optimally at a higher refresh rate. Dell recommends that you use the monitor at a higher refresh rate for optimal performance.

According to our records, one or more of your Monitor(s) may be affected by this issue.

Service Tag(s)

As part of its proactive efforts, Dell Technologies highly recommends that you increase the refresh rate, through the advanced display settings as soon as possible to avoid encountering this issue.

If you decide to take no action at this time, please be advised that this product may encounter display flickering. As always, we continue to stand behind the warranty and service contracts applicable to your products.

Interesting how they didn't mention the problem at 60Hz too...