ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

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I would use the time to shop for matching components and change my name to Auric Goldfinger.
I consider 95% the floor of my efforts, but it would certainly be the starting point to achieving even higher results. In other news, I fully plan to take this saved time and browse the GGW section of Reddit continuously while ripping movies/CDs with my new i4770K that I would purchase as a consequence of this savings. Think about that for a second, I am contributing to the local economy (retail), the National Economy (Intel) and spreading American Love all over Malaysia (Fab). Nevermind that everyone else will need a processor as well, and did I mention that GGW forum yet? /winning!
I would use the rest of the time to get order parts, then build, install windows, and have fun with a new pc.
It would allow me to multitask effortlessly between writing papers for bio-chem degree, while running some ridiculous eBay bid monitor for my wife, while allowing my son to play TF2, and keeping my daughter at bay with Facebook....

All while sincerely needing to whore up all that umph for myself while I play BF3/TF2 and brag about it to my profoundly jealous clanmates once everybody was asleep... And drool over the purdy colors of the mobo through the window of my case...
i wouldnt have even spend time optimizing my system so having a software that spends 10 minute to optimize it for me is better than nothing!
i would use it to be able to give more time to my freinds whom i give tech support to and to my 3 year old son whom deserves all the time i can give him, especially when he gets stuck in mincraft PE on my phone. I gotta raise him right, and im not joking i got pics of him Playing and my wife thinks the house is a gamers convention all the time~!
I would use all that extra time to read war and peace (in the original Russian), watch all of Ken Burns documentaries (uncut), build a scale replica of the great wall of China with Legos, and repaint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
I'd use the time to study how to get that other 5% out of the CPU. If your going to go, go HARD!:D
I would use the time saved for por, err... I mean going to a movie with a woman who really isn't very interested..... :( And I'd be back to my asus motherboard and a bottle of sprit! This guy's gonna be just fine. :cool:
Naturally, I'd find Pinky, use NewZon to order rubber chickens and paper clips, then TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! And I'd also write up my new PC build and evangelize my wonderful new ASUS mobo. Then watch some cute cat videos!
I'd devote that extra time freed up by the fancier thingamajig to solving history's most important dilemma: tastes great vs. less filling.
I'd use the exta time to make sure my prefered beverages are well stocked and cold for Drunken Friday Night MechWarrior Online Drops.
i would use the auto tuning to get and idea on what my chip could do and then i would start stress testing the rig, and do a fast check on temps and v core, then spend the time saved whit the wife to make her happy so she will let me enjoy my new rig:)
On the blooming thought of my soft-core nerd victory and impending Epeen rampage thanks to the Wizards of ASUS and HardOCP. I would begin to smirk awkwardly as I lean over in my chair to gaze upon my invisible admirers... Whom cowering in the shadow of my might, praise me as their master, and decree that there is none higher!, for I have dominated the land with swift deliberate keystrokes and precise mousing. Upon return from my self indulgence, I would take pictures of my machine and post them on FB to get my friends attention, silently screaming out in the glory of "Mine is better than yours!". I would resist the temptation to talk in condescending tones when asked about my setup, but I would surely take the time to ramble on about what components I have and the numbers I had achieved. It would be but not less than Seven days and Seven nights before I realized that I had not left the house nor the visage of my computer, that the pain in my neck from straining in my chair had become excruciating, and that even gods must rest. Upon awakening from my 21 hour slumber I would come to yet another moment of glee as I re-affirm my dreams as memories in the near disorienting joy that is the vision of my ASUS Z87 based machine with the HardOCP community to thank for its inception.
Yup this is what I would do with my time ;)
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Hey guys, I'm Spritey, but you can call me "that douchebag who googles 'haswell giveaway' and enters every contest he can find".

(Actually, I've lurked here for years, but I never had a reason to post until now)

In any case, I'd spend that 10 minutes going on internet forums and bragging about my hardcore gaming rig while secretly crying on the inside.
I would use the extra time to start looking for my next upgrade because its never good enough.
Play with my kids. Or get a good night's sleep. Neither of which I can do here in Afghanistan.
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