ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

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I'd crank the heck out of the haswell chip and save even MORE time when I run video transcoding!
I'd probably spend it reminiscing how long it used to take to squeeze out that kind of performance gain.
As a full time student at the age of 35, I don't get much time to spend with my wife and kids. It usually takes a good hour or ten to get a new machine dialed in with a stable overclock. If one of these motherboards can have me set up in less than 10 minutes, stable, with a nice overclock, I'll take my wife and kids to the park and then grill them some dinner. Once I finish washing the dishes, I'll get down to business and finish my homework. That way I might be able to get some game time to alleviate the backlog of games I want to play since I went back to college.
Meh ... I would probably just waste it watching videos of cats.
I'd spend those extra ten minutes fapping to naked pics of Jessica Alba....ten times.... :D
Spend rest of time getting parts to build a system with my new MB.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Here's what I would do with that ten minutes. I would head over to one of my favorite enthusiast motherboard / gpu / accessories website ( I love the forums in particular) - which would be the ASUS ROG website here:

In this time span, I could spend at least several minutes admiring what I feel is the coolest and most unique system i've seen in a while, found here:

As well, I could admire the asus girls for at least a couple of those 10 minutes while browsing. Who doesn't love asus booth girls?! :p Anyway, long time asus user - i'm actually a bit of an asus fanboy. Have used asus motherboards since around y2k and have always loved them (and my last build used a P8-Z77 deluxe). This would be great because i'm about to build a 4770k based PC, and haven't bought a board yet. :) Anyway, I love the fact that they (asus) have such a great user-oriented social website. And JJ of asus really went a step above the rest with his excellent Z87 overclocking guide; although you probably don't need it since asus boards make it pretty easy. Does MSI have forums and overclock guides? Heck no! Does gigabyte? Heck no! I really can't think of any other motherboard manufacturer with anything similar to asus. Asus is the best which is why I keep coming back to them for new hardware :p
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Well, with the extra time savings I would definitely invest in something worthwhile with that extra CPU speed.

I would watch and masturbate to more porn at record speeds!
I would use the additional time to learn a new language, or prove string theory.
I'd use the extra time to do more tweaks to the system. Thanks for the offer!

I would like to win this please.

What would I do with a quick overclock time savings? Test out different hardware combinations, fold, dance a jig.
With the extra time I would finally get around to overclockin my wife's 2500k. Thing has been stock for way too long.
Spending time to tweak settings is a good excuse to procrastinate, so I'd use the time savings to actually get some work done. And by work I mean play video games.
I'd get cocky. The additional time afforded me by the 4-Way Optimization would make me want to find other ways to reach near-peak optimization in my life. I would attempt to increase the efficiency of household appliances starting with a substantially increased level of efficiency and ending with a terrifying attempt at reaching peak optimization of my bathroom.

It would be either the best "worst day" of my life or the worst "best day" of my life. I won't know until I've accidentally exploded a toilet.
I'd sit staring at the monitoring software thinking to myself, "I should be doing something constructive instead of watching my temps and utilizations."

I'd think about going outside. Playing with my car. Playing with my girlfriend. Playing with my girlfriends cat.
But then I think of how much my computer would hate me for torturing it, and I smile sadistically thinking of new hardware I can use, and how much more I can push it.


10 minutes of doing that would be bliss.
Being able to reach that potential in only 10 minutes is paramount for a novice like myself who could lose countless hours trying but failing to even reach that 95%. With that time back I'd certainly invest it in my significant other!
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