Are you happy with your Pascal investment?

Upgraded from Fury X/970 to 1080 Ti, definitely satisfied with the performance upgrade. Even at 1080p. Currently have it hooked up to my living room tv which is only 1080p instead of office room with 4k Freesync monitor, but I setup my Oculus rift in there. Makes VR so much better than the 970/Fury.
Very happy. Upgraded from 980 Ti to a Titan X Pascal when it was released and it's been the fastest card available for over a year (disregarding the full-fat Titan Xp they released which is very marginally faster). I've watercooled mine and it stays cool and quiet in games and maintains a 2063-2088 boost clock.
Bad AlphaCup. Don't dig up a thread from a year ago. I saw it on the top of the list and was trying to figure out why people were whining about the "upcoming" 1080Ti until I saw the date. Start a new thread man.

^^^^^^ Bad Paladin! Erroneously blaming AlphaQup.... PGHammer is the necro here.

All good guys :)

All in all, now that the dust has pretty much settled this round of cards, at least the discussion is still relevant. Not a complete necro-thread.
I upgraded from a 1070 to a 1080Ti when the opportunity became available rather cheaply. About $150. Stacked discounts on an open box 1080Ti, sold my 1070 during mining craze for a better than youd usually get flogging a used card price. I am much happier with the Ti. The 1070 was billed a 1440p card, and I wanted a bit more performance. I'm using the Ti at 4k, but not with the same frame rate expectation I had I guess. Nice gaming at 4k.
^^^^^^ Bad Paladin! Erroneously blaming AlphaQup.... PGHammer is the necro here.
I posted WHEN I did because I came to Pascal late - however, the point I made applies no matter WHEN you come to Pascal - because it applies if you come to Pascal at all.

It would not have applied to me if I hadn't come to Pascal - and I wouldn't have posted in the thread.
Yes it was the most expensive purchase but 100% worth it. I think prior to the 1080ti the most expensive card I bought was an r9 290 when prices were inflated due to mining (purchased for around 500). It is simply amazing to throw any game at the 1080ti and see max visuals with high frame rate with 1080p or in most cases maxed out games at 4k.