Are you happy with your Pascal investment?

I wish I invested in Nvidia stock last year or a few months ago.

I think most of us knew that Pascal would be a clean sweep. However who would have thought it would be on this scale? And not just some 5% stock increase instead of 30%.
Yes. Was running 980Ti SLI (with full waterblocks) and stepped up to a single Titan X Pascal (also waterblocked). For titles that support SLI, it was a small step backwards for me, however, I'm mostly gaming in VR these days, so on that front it was a pretty big step up in performance. I've also upgraded to a 32" monitor that supports gsync, so the slight loss of SLI grunt for 4K is eased. Was considering a second Titan for a bit, but again, because most of my gaming is in VR, it would be a waste. Perhaps when VR SLI starts getting supported better I'll reconsider.
Though I think the 1080 is great I play at 4K a lot of Battlefield 1 and I'm disappointed I can't play with ultra settings with better than 65 frames per second I have to bump the resolution down to 1440 which looks good but I bought 4K to play at 4k. I'll just end up selling my card when the ti version comes out if it gives me at least 70+ fps in bf1.
I play on 1440p ultrawide and finally can set all game settings on ulra and get 60+ fps in every game. So I do not need to think about game settings anymore for a while that is a good thing :)
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I am absolutely thrilled with my Pascal "investment" because I invested exactly $0 into my 1070 (thanks to Nvidia's Order of 10 contest). I honestly thought I was getting trolled/no way this is real/nobody ever wins etc. until the card finally showed up to my doorstep a couple weeks ago. Decent performance bump coming from a 970.
I've been holding the stock since it was $18 in 2015 and just keep moving up my stoploss. Pretty happy with it so far. It is one of my best performers this year. I've also been buying some calls on it occasionally but didn't do one before last earnings report which I wish I did, though I did the previous earnings report and made out really well. Been trading AMD as well for the sympathy moves though I have significantly less invested in it since I think it is overvalued. Micron has been another decent performer for me this year. Feels good.

As for my Titan X (pascal), really liking it. Using a single card for 1440p Ultrawide is much less of a headache than using 2 TitanX's (maxwell) from last year.
Went from a gtx 780 to a gtx 1080. I tend to upgrade every other or every 2 generations. So far I've been very happy and will more than likely get my 2 generations out of this card just fine.
Well the common feeling was that a 1070 would be good for 1440p. So when Deus Ex dropped and could be seen to give a hard time, I got a little nervous. So far I finished up Fallout 4 with it, and had some struggles with Doom that made me realize time to shut off the clock fluctuations on my 4790k. So I guess I can't be dissatisfied for any particular reason. Although I already see the sentiment that it's enough for 1440 changing, but it is an enthusiast forum.....
390 to 1080, no regrets. My system uses less power, runs much cooler and the fan on this gigabyte card is whisper quiet even under heavy load. Stays at around 58C playing BF1 ultra @ 1440p.

Yeah, totally feel you here. I went from my 290X to 1080 and my room is so much cooler now.
I'm happy. Went from a 980 to a 1080. The main difference is that 1080p/60 is cake with nearly anything, which is really what I wanted more than anything. 4K/60 is even feasible on many games.
My only real gripe is that OC'ing this thing is somewhat fruitless. I can do it, but the fan is so loud I'd rather not even bother. I could give my 980 a good 15-20% OC and you'd never even know it.
From GTX770 2gb to GTX1080? You bet I am! Still can't drive 4K but being able to game at 1440p and even 1620p and still max out games is such a joy.
I'm as happy as I can be. Jumped ship from SLI 760's to a GTX 1080 and G-Sync monitor. The change has been basically game-changing in every possible way. Performance is much better than the SLI setup, which is expected, but I also don't have to mess around with SLI anymore and that alone was worth it to me. Not to mention I can push performance, sometimes even running at 4k downscaled and Gsync takes care of any lack of frames I might have. I don't see myself needing to upgrade again for quite a while.

10/10 would buy again.
My 1080FE is one of the best cards I have had... Runs cool, quiet, and sips power. It does admirably at 4k with no AA and some IQ sacrifices in some games but not in others. Like Skyrim SE with mods. I have it maxed with no AA and most of the popular graphic mods and it runs at 60fps pretty much all the time. I kept thinking I would just add another 1080FE once I need more power but so far I haven't.
I went from a powered Fermi to an unpowered Pascal (GTX 1050Ti) and I not only regret absolutely squat, but have been pushing it to all and sundry as THE sensible upgrade for low-end desktops - and based entirely on what I've uncovered in my own use.

The driving force to the spendage was one game - a city-builder, at that (Anno 2205 Ultimate Edition - what Anno 2205 + Season Pass winds up becoming). I had no other games in mind - and especially not shooters OR MMOs even on the plate. Yet I am finding more and more to like about this Bargain Beastie the more I've thrown at it. In the vast majority of cases, I can turn the settings in any DX11 game I care to name all the way up (the only DX11 game I can't do it in is Crysis 3) and this is despite the weaksause G3258. Yes - even Destiny 2 yanks the graphical settings to the ceiling - despite it, like Crysis 3, being aimed at quad-cores - which G3258 is not. The other reality is that I'm quite aware that LGA1150 is Dead Socket Territory - the only upgrades (other than GPU) that are viable involve motherboard changeouts (here, Intel and AMD are weighted equally, as both involve using DDR4 - not the DDR3 that I still have). Given that, I'd still have a GPU change staring me in the face if I put it off, However, by doing the easier upgrade now, I can, in fact, take Pascal with me no matter which way I go motherboard-wise. The stall actually had nothing to do with price; it had to do with availability (cryptocurrency mining is shrinking stock of the entirety of mainstream GPUs (even the GTX 1050 Tis that don't require any power more than can be squeezed out of the PCI-E slot - which is, in fact, most of them) - it's why I am hearing about (and seeing) people that bought GT 1030 GPUs simply due to them being available - only to find out how badly they have shot themselves in the bum due to lack of features (such as ShadowPlay). (Yes - I'm definitely spending more time in nVidia's GeForce 1000 series forums - and hearing the groanage firsthand.) Unlike any other - or every other, for that matter, GTX 1K-series GPU, it picked up the mantle of the Everyman GTX that hadn't been seen since the GTX 750 (Baby Maxwell) and took it to "the house". Yes - the lack of a need for extra power is important - and not merely due to the suspect power of OEM power supplies, either. The lack of a need for extra power makes GPU upgrades no harder than sound card upgrades used to be - basically, if you can use a screwdriver and can read, you can upgrade your GPU yourself. Don't let yourself get talked out of upgrading simply because it looks too easy to do - this is one basic upgrade that really IS better than it looks.
A year later and I'm still happy with my vanilla 1080. I can do 1080p/60 in pretty much everything and the advent of the render scale slider allows me to play in faux 4K more often than not.
Based upon the games we currently know are coming it seems like it should serve me well for a while.
Titan X (Pascal) has been the most I've ever spent on a single GPU, but I've been extremely happy with its performance. I jumped from SLI'ed 980Ti's to the Titan X a little over a year ago. Made the switch primarily for its superb VR capabilities and its ability to drive 4k gaming. No regrets and money well spent! It's waterblocked and I have it nicely dialed in with a solid overclock on the GPU of 2Ghz.

Can't wait for Volta... but will only upgrade if significant performance gains are to be had. (At least 25%... but more would be welcome.)
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My current 1070 has been a monster. I upgraded from a defective R9 390 to an RMA replacement RX480 and then to the 1070. I swapped to team green as I was unhappy with the 480's performance as other 480's were getting twice the performance and mine seemed to be a dud in that department. Extremely happy with my 1070 and I'm sure it'll hold it's own with new titles until I need to upgrade it.
Titan X (pascal) has been the most I've ever spent on a GPU, but I've been extremely happy with its performance. I jumped from SLI'ed 980Ti's to the Titan X, primarily for its superb VR capabilities and ability to drive 4k. No regrets and money well spent. Can't wait for Volta to arrive, but will only upgrade if significant performance gains are to be had (25% or more)
That's a low bar you have, there. If the performance increase is anything less than 50% I'm just going to wait for the Ti. The 60-70% increase from Maxwell to Pascal has already spoiled me.
Went from a 970 to 1080 in July 2016 and I'm completely satisfied. Recently bought a 32'' 2560x1440 monitor and can still play pretty much everything at max or very near max.
I've got 4x 1080tis and a 1080. I'm very happy with the 1080, not as happy with the 1080tis.

I bought the cheaper $700 gigabyte 1080tis, and one of them just does not want to stay stable. Crashes every few days to the point where i'm going to start the rma process.

Main reason I'm not so happy with the ti's is because I feel like the 1080 performs similar enough where I wish I saved several hundred dollars and just bought more 1080s instead.

Overall though, I'm happy with pascal, leaves my amd cards eating dust.
bought a sucker's edition vanilla 1080 because stock was so pathetic early on. Water cooled it and replaced 2x290X's. Wasn't expecting it to be as huge of an upgrade as it was, even in games that made halfway decent use of CF. Room has been much cooler as well, which is an underrated bonus.
Just wanted to know how many of you guys who upgraded to Pascal are happy with your investment/upgrade. I upgraded from GTX780 SLI to GTX1080 SLI and although I am very happy but I'm also "less than awed" of the boost in performance. That is not a criticism mind you, the reason I say that is because while I upgraded the GPUs, I also did the same for my display - I went from a 24" @ 1920x1200 to a 34" Ultrawide a@ 3440x1440, so the boost in performance by the new GPUs are somewhat negated (although not completely) by the need for more juice to drive a bigger and much higher resolution display. I even thought of going down to 2,560x1440 to see more performance boost but its hard going back to a smaller screen after being used to, and thoroughly enjoying, an Ultrawide 21:9. Looks like the jump from 28nm to 14nm yielded more discernable returns. How was your satisfaction with your Pascal purchase/upgrade?

I must say that the best returns I ever got from my Pascal upgrade is the games. It is truly fulfilling when you have so many great games to make your investment worthwhile - Battlefield 1, Doom, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, COD-IW/MW-R, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow Warrior 2 (yes even this humble gem!) etc, not to mention that we have so many cool games on the horizon too.

I guess I am confused about what you are "less than awed" about? You went to a larger display, are playing newer and more power hungry games, did your performance decrease?

Personally I went from a 3x2560x1440 setup to a 4k setup. I switched from 2xTitans to 2xTitans X pascals. The difference for me was pretty great. It was much smoother overall.

I tested on the 1440 single display and 3x1440 with both sets. I only tested the pascals on the 4k however.
970 to 1080 upgrade here, couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

I had my monitor prior to the 1080 upgrade, and holy cow, huge leap in performance/gaming experience. Feel like I can fully utilize it now.
I wish I never purchased the Founders Edition the shroud is ugly it wouldn't be bad if the logo wasn't Painted Green. But you can ignore it like most things in life and it will still put out.
Happy enough, doubt i'll need to upgrade for the next couple of years.
Hell yes.

SLi 980 Ti to SLI 1080 Ti.

I can run anything full out, triple monitor Surround.

The 980 Tis were starting to hiccup. I had to turn down GPU options, which I hate to do.

So yeah, you bet.
I upgrade from 980 TI SLI to single 1080 TI. Similar performance, less power and heat. I was went from full tower build to sff.
2x 780 -> 2x 290 @ 290X -> 2x 390 @ 390X -> 1080 x2 (separate single-card rigs)
Free upgrades or money makers all the way thanks to mining / miners :)
Went from a clocked 980ti to a 1080ti FE.
Fitted an Accelero Xtreme III cooler, clocked it further and its very quiet.
Fantastic card, does everything I want.
I did 980 Tri-SLI to 1080 SLI. Some canned benchmarks still I think got a better score on the 3 980s, but overall performance and experience is better across the board.
I'm still happy with my Maxwell investment (980 Strix) if that's worth anything. I play at 1920x1200 60Hz mostly MMOs, so nothing that really pushes terribly hard anyway. Pascal looks good, but not good enough for me to justify an upgrade.

Next upgrade I would probably jump to - single card 4K 60+Hz, at a price point $400-$500 (going hand in hand with monitor upgrades at the same time). That might happen next gen, maybe not.
I love my Pascals. I could do SLI 1080ti but one is enough so the other does distributed computing. And also:

Bad AlphaCup. Don't dig up a thread from a year ago. I saw it on the top of the list and was trying to figure out why people were whining about the "upcoming" 1080Ti until I saw the date. Start a new thread man.