AMD @ 7nm - Ryzen 3k series GPUs - Navi & Vega 2 GPUs

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    AsRock_ - Please hang tight for a minute, read over the speculation(s), I will circle back around to why I mentioned you...!

    So, a little speculation on what we may see coming in the next year from AMD...!

    Obviously, the above is a roundup of some recent AMD rumors...

    Whether or not you, the reader, agree with these rumors or not, let us proceed in a hypothetical frame of mind...

    IF we follow a "progression in power", extrapolated from the above GPU rumors, and the knowledge that Vega is going to a 7nm process as well, and ignore the fact that AMD has not said anything about plans for 7nm Vega for consumers / prosumers, in fact I believe they stated the 7nm Vega20 GPUs in the new MI50 & MI60 Instinct "datacenter GPUs" are not intended for display output (expensive miner cards)...
    I propose a three tier consumer / prosumer GPU line-up:

    (..."air quotes" around the model # because I am not going to figure out how they make break down the CU count in regards to branding...)

    Vega II "56" w/16GB HBM2 = GTX 1080Ti / RTX 2080

    Vega II "64" w/16GB HBM2 = RTX 2080TI

    Vega II "FE" w/32GB HBM2 = RTX Titan

    Minus the Ray Tracing...? But if you want to play that one game that actually uses the Ray Tracing part of "RTX"... ;^p

    Alright, enough conjecture & rumor mongering, on to the real "show"...!!!

    So, the above mentioned (in the first image, silly...) shows the new Ryzen 9 CPUs...

    The internet tells me these will need the new X570 chipset because of the power requirements, a possible 8+4 pin CPU power situation...

    The internet, by which I mean the folks over in the AMD CPU subforum of [H], also wonder at memory bandwidth needs with these purported 16 core / 32 thread consumer CPUs...

    So my question to YOU, AsRock_ , might we SEE a X570 version of the X299E-ITX/ac "Little Monster" mini ITX form factor motherboard, with quad-channel SO-DIMM slots (support for 32GB modules) & multiple M.2 NVMe SSD slots...?!?

    Fingers & toes crossed (it takes me FOREVER to walk anywhere now)...!!!

    EDIT - Well, after more reading on the old Interwebz, looks like X570 one supports dual-channel memory & does not have the PCI lanes to support a multitude of M.2 NVMe SSDs on the CPU...


    Looks like you're off the hook, AsRock_ ...! ;^p
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    Wat.. This is the Small Form Factor section of the forum
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    You got too excited. There's videos debunking those. This is also written by someone with the wishful thinking that high core count must means higher frequencies, notice how higher core count always equals higher frequencies in the base/boost clock column. (6-core 2600x has higher clock frequency than 8-core 2700. Oops! Your shiny master race 8-core is not better than that peasant 6-core in every department! Aw!). Also, they don't decide on the price until close to release date.
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    While I agree that AdoredTV is an AMD fanboy, he still has some sensible content with thorough explanation why those numbers add up in contradiction to what those debunking videos state.

    He did this explanation in correlation to what AMD stated on latest EPYC and Radeon recently in context of new 7 nm node and I think it actually adds up.

    IF AMD is actually launching Zen2 on CES 2019, then having these prices already is not that improbable if there are already posters and presentations in the making, so there are people who could leak those prices. It's also possible that AMD is making controlled leaks to gauge market and intel's reaction.

    Other then that, yeah, it really seems like wishful thinking, but most of those debunking videos weren't that thorough as his explanation, so who knows. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for AM4 16-core.
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    Sep 19, 2015
    And I was talking about high-powered AMD gear on an ITX motherboard (which I would drop into a NCASE M1), does not get much more SFF than that...

    Just imagine the PPL (Performance Per Liter) that a system with a 16c/32t CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD, an AMD Vega II FE (equivalent of a RTX Titan), all stuffed into a NCASE M1, would have...?

    Besides, all us SFFers have here IS the SFF sub-forum; when I cross-posted this to the SFFN forums, I placed it in the "General" sub-forum, if that makes you feel any better...?!? ;^p
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    Sep 19, 2015
    Sorry AsRock_ , I have been doing more reading on the old Interwebz...

    So, would you please, Please, PLEASE push for the following Enthusiast X570 ITX motherboard...?!?

    AM4 socket
    X570 chipset
    Ample power phases for Ryzen 9 3850X CPU
    64GB maximum RAM
    (2) DIMM slots w/ support for 32GB DDR4-3200 CAS 14 DIMMs (ECC support as well)
    NO onboard video support
    Chipset moved to bottom rear corner of motherboard (like with the X299 ITX motherboard)
    Front side 2280 M.2 slot (like H270 / H370 / Z270 / Z370 motherboards) that is for NVMe SSD only, x4 PCIe straight to the CPU
    Two (2) rear 2280 M.2 SATA III SSD slots
    NO onboard SATA ports, the backside M.2 SATA III SSDs are what you get
    Gen 4 x16 PCIe slot
    Dual 10Gb Ethernet
    Audio I/O & Optical

    The ASRock X570E-ITX/ac "Little Monster"...!!!

    I will be glad to T&E a production sample for you, please include R9 3850X CPU & RAM kit, thanks...! ;^p
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    So in 2 Weeks from now we will know the truth and we will boil boil hart if these news are fake news?
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    Lisa already said no 7nm Vega product for consumers. So if they did the contrary that would be lying to your shareholders, so the hype train as fucking usual for AMD is just beyond stupid right now for some of the upper limit claims, most of them contradict themselves,even adored TV in some ways. So maybe there is some truth but it's definitely not all accurate.
    Expect small Navi to be at best V56-64/1070-1080, if it's over that then great but don't be disappointed if it's not. usual disappointment hype failure is going to happen otherwise.
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    This Asrock_ guy joined Sep 2018 and hasn't made a single post. Is he the tooth fairy?
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