2004 Post Your Workstation

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nuclearsnake said:
My solution for use on Jerker Desks:

Thanks for that idea! Gonna implement it right away! :cool:
As he said, he painted those walls himself. Look back around that page he posted on. I'd find a quote but don't have much time.

I like to keep my desk area pretty clean, but that doesn't keep me from finding places to keep all the extra junk parts. :D


Some of the toys.

Notice my sub (which I built the box for. It's a 12" Adire Shiva, in case you were wondering) and cd deck, they're out of my car at the moment.

You'll also notice that I'm a huge Formula One fan. (MotoGP and WRC too! :D)

Heres mine...the pics aren't that great but I only had access to a digital camera for a short period of time and the sun was coming straight through my window so i had to close the blinds. It makes the picture a little dark. Sorry.

iownyou14 said:
Wats the blue thing beside ur left speaker (not the comp)????

Its a Metal Gear Box external HDD enclosure. It has blue LED's surrounding it. I have my WD 120GB drive in it.
lol thats a sad picture poor kid, i thought they didnt let retarted people in since they dont let gays into boyscouts?
dderidex said:
Pfah! Y'all just jealous of my l33t tidiness sk!lz
Naw, it just means you have less stuff than us slobs :p

besides, im not jealous of your sound system, or one monitor. ;)
emorphien said:
Naw, it just means you have less stuff than us slobs

besides, im not jealous of your sound system, or one monitor.
Hey, I *like* that sound system!

I also tried the multi-monitor thing. Two problems with it:
1) Too much room and cluttery
2) Could not justify the cost. For the price of another LCD, I could upgrade my FX 5900XT to a 6800nu and have change to spare! Or, buy a dozen games! Or movies! Eat out for several months! Etc. - just cost too much.

Besides, I probably have more games than a lot of posters here. I just keep them in the closet:

And I do have more PC stuff - I work from home and all - it's just on the other desk. My wife's PC, my webserver, channel bank, test phones, etc:
Telecommunications software support. Doesn't pay that well for an IT job, really, my wife works full time as a retail manager and makes as much as I do!

The walls were done by a local painter. Some kind of textured plaster mix. It looks a lot better in person, for some reason the halogen lights just distort the color when taking a picture of it. The pic with my desk in it probably has the truest color.
It's nice and tidy but I think I would blow up listening to those speakers. I like the desk, though.
ok heres my little place:


from left to right:

Omnitronic turntable (vinyl is still the best!)
Cyrus 6 and Cyrus CD6 amp and CD player
Mission 702e speakers (i do have the other one!)
Tube of 'NO MORE NAILS' (holding most of what you see together)
NEC E950 19" (cant bring myself to go tft yet)
Samsung VCR (underneath)
AS Digital Radio Tuner
Small package for a lucky ebayer (front)
my PC !
dderidex: from what I see thats a custom desktop, via a program like style xp or one of those themes?
New more organized workstation

newestdormworkstationdelldj (Medium).JPG

starting on the left top

Palm m105

under that 200gb external hard drive

under that Shuttle sb45g (2ghz 1gb ram R9500, nec dvdRW, 200gb, netgear 802.11b, ati remote wonder, lexmark z11 printer, card reader.....

Moving to the right i have my 17" Advueu 1280x1024 16ms LCD

then moving more to the right, i have the receiver for my logitech cordless mx duo

in front of that is the Dell 20gb jukebox (could not get my self to but something made by apple, not even an ipod, and i wanted a high capacity mp3 player

Next to that is my NEC 525 Cellphone

Behind the phone is my Sennheiser HD497 headphones ( i love these things)

behind those are my Bawls bottles from the last lan i went to

To the right is the lamp and alarm clock (both self explanitory)
EGGO said:
Wow, I like that setup. What are the remote controlls for?

And how much were the chairs? =0)


Those chairs are cheap-ass Office Max chairs. My wife's was even on sale, I think we got it for $30. Mine wasn't a lot more - $80 maybe?

The one remote is for the VCR (you can see off to the right of the pic), the nVRemote is for the PC. I'm using Girder, so it can control the DVD player, WinAmp, etc. It's RF, too, so it can do it from a room or two away.
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