2004 Post Your Workstation

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SocceRich20, I love the room color.

Not to sound like a homosexual ( :p ) but I like how the colors accent the color of the keyboard/screens/etc...a very good theme to it.

That left monitor has to go, though. Not because it doesn't aestetically fit, but look at that color reproduction on the screen!
SocceRich20 said:
I know, I know, I need to empty my trash bin.



Don't worry, the 15" beige lcd is being replaced with a 17" monitor identical to the black one I have in the center now, which is a 12ms.
I decided to get in on this thread before the year was over. This is just an old pic I took a while ago. Now there is nothing on either side of my computer as I cleared it all out last week.
Well, I am dislocated and staying at a family members house while our house is being rebuilt from the previous hurricane, so here is my current set up.

I am still organizing and trying new set ups so no flames, I know it looks bad now. Ugly speakers as you can see. This desk isn't that bad either, the bottom of the glass is frosted, so streaks a prints aren't noticeable, and im borderline OCD.


And the other one....
Holy crap...I have same workstation and monitor (thank god I got rid of the speakers).
Heres my workstation.

My POS Hewlitt Packard ont he bottomo right and my AMD baby on the left.



wats the name of that mouse pad stresstest has. it has a blue neon light ribon on the outside of it. i think it costs like 40 bucks and connects via USB? can sum1 help me out, i wanna get that.
Misfitted_Mecha said:
i like your dualie setup :) are those 2 19'' sonys? If so I think ive tried that monitor, it is very nice

indeed they are! :) Gotta love the sony's.
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