1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

Apparently Nvidia oversold preorders and mine didn't go through even though I've been charged the full price already. Fuck you Nvidia.
Honestly, I always get excited and OCD trying to buy one of the new releases right at launch. But I been thinking. My 980 Ti's have held me over until now....I want to see what the AIB cards will bring. Seeing EVGA's 1080 TI looks pretty cool. Only thining that sucks is they always mark up there cards 50-100$ plus just for some fancy cooler and shiny back plate. But alas....I am a graphics WHORE.....Now I go back to F5 every damn site....
12 minutes. Just to be clear we are f5ing the Nvidia store page that shows the 1080ti as notify me right?
Been busy with work this week and haven't had time to read all the reviews. Anyone give a quick overview as to the performance of 980ti SLI vs 1080ti?
I am F5'ing amazon cause giftcards, I doubt they will have it updated but hopefully I am surprised.
How does Newegg not have product pages up yet? They usually do with a button to notify. This launch is fucky.
For some reason I log into nvidia with my google account but it doesnt seem to stay logged in? Anyone else?
I just came back from the Dallas area Microcenter. They said they received 5 this morning and people bought them as soon as the doors opened. I checked the local Fry's and they said they had no idea when they would receive the cards although he suspected it would be Monday. In other words, if you are in the DFW area your chances of finding a card today to take home aren't looking good.

Update: Snagged two off NVIDIA's site.
It's live Nivida's site now. I caved and bought one!

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Nvidia is completely fucked. Add to card, go to checkout, enter payment info. Soon as I click checkout it says outof stock. Rinse and repeat.
What the fuck? Nvidia hasn't even shipped my order yet they're selling them on their site again?
ya wtf is this i have 2 in my cart got to the end and when i hit submite says out of stock??!?!?
Damn I thought the custom cooler versions were on sale today too :\
Its all FE