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  • Hey I noticed in an old post dated back sometime in 2008 that you mentioned having a Samsung Slimfit CRT TV Model: TXT3093WHX/XAA - SA01 and I've got the same exact screen and have been hunting for months for someone...ANYONE who can help me get this TV back to it's amazing default settings it had before a friend of mine ruined it in the "Service Menu." I was hoping if it isn't too much to ask at all, if you could please please help me out by jotting down a simple txt file with all your values in your service menu. All I've got is $5 bucks but I would more than gladly give it to you via paypal for your help. I really love this TV and just want to see it working the way I had it so I can enjoy my games. Thanks so much for taking time to read this. -Ozzy
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