1. Zarathustra[H]

    Ugh, Mobile-First Web Design (sortof ranty)

    So, I recently needed to check where the closest RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles, what Massachusetts calls their DMV) location was, and what their hours were. I used Chrome in my 1366x768 Linux laptop and I was greeted with this monstrosity: Scroll down a bit, and the screen was full of...
  2. dvsman

    SSL + your website = ?

    So I noticed that google chrome is giving me the stink eye about websites I visit that aren't SSL secured lately. Is this really a big deal that I should be concerned about? What about for personal websites / blogs that don't do e-commerce or financial transactions of any kind? I wanted to see...
  3. R

    'FakeUpdates' Campaign Leverages Multiple Website Platforms

    Malwarebytes Labs has written a very in depth article on their blog about a malware campaign that they are calling "FakeUpdates." The campaign uses vulnerabilities in multiple website Content Management Systems to inject malicious code that prompt users that a program on their computer is out of...
  4. R

    Furry Dating Site Shuts Down Due to FOSTA

    The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act was passed on March 23rd by Congress, and 2 days later furry dating website voluntarily shut down according to a report from Motherbaord. Instead of personal ads for furries, visiting the site now will only provide an explanation of why the site...
  5. BlackButterfly

    How to follow coins/ivesment and profits

    Hi, we have created website, which allows anybody to follow coins, which he owns. User will submit number of owned coins and original buy price. Coinparator follows them, calculates current profits, shows charts... . If you own single coin it might not be...