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    Dec 2, 2009
    So I noticed that google chrome is giving me the stink eye about websites I visit that aren't SSL secured lately. Is this really a big deal that I should be concerned about? What about for personal websites / blogs that don't do e-commerce or financial transactions of any kind?

    I wanted to see what my fellow [H]'ers thought about this since google (on Chrome) is pushing the big error messages that say "INSECURE, GOING TO THIS WEBSITE WILL GIVE YOU AIDS" type warnings on sites that aren't SSL certified now.
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    SSL certs are free.

    Put one on it.

    The warnings are going to get even worse than they are now. The ultimate plan will likely result in the website having a giant red warning bar as well.
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    Feb 23, 2013
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    There is way more to SSL than just "Put one on it."
    Any person or company that doesn't bother with SSL certs isn't worth my time or effort. SSL certs are for so much more than just websites you perform monetary transactions on or enter sensitive data.

    For testing our browser and servers:

    An SSL cert can be just as useless as no cert if the server is not configured correctly. gets an A+, which is fantastic -- even though they still have TLS 1.0 enabled.
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