1. cageymaru

    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    Samsung Display has announced that it has created the world's first 15.6-inch ultra-high definition (UHD) OLED display for the premium notebook/laptop market. Mass production of the panels begins mid-February. The displays will feature a 3840 x 2160 resolution, HDR and will be optimized for...
  2. cageymaru

    Samsung Announces New Monitors for Gaming and Content Creation

    Samsung has announced new members to its monitor family. First there is the CRG9 49" gaming monitor that features a super ultra-wide screen and dual QHD resolution (5120x1440). The monitor meets HDR10 standards with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and local dimming. The display uses Samsung's...
  3. S

    4K monitor black screen during post over DP

    I have had a issue with all 4K monitors that I owned and it's driving me a bit nuts so I wanted to see if somebody has a solution. When I cold boot the PC the monitor shows picture during POST so I can enter the BIOS or see the boot menu. But 99% of the time when I restart PC the monitor does...
  4. C

    32 inch UHD IPS panel for color critical work and games

    Hi guys, I would like to ask the local gurus about a 32+ inch monitor which will be used for a workload of photo retouching and manipulations as well as games. It will be sufficient that the display covers the entire sRGB color space without going into wide-gamut territory and should have a...
  5. L

    40" 4K curved PC monitor: Philips BDM4037UW vs Samsung UN40KU6500 (UE40KU6100)

    Philips BDM4037UW and Samsung UN40KU6500 (UE40KU6100) seem to be a good choice for a large curved (3000R) 4K PC monitor. Unfortunately KU6500 (KU6300 in non-curved version) uses PWM backlight dimming, though BDM4037UW has some dramatic pixel response time issues. Which do you consider better...
  6. Zarathustra[H]

    Nvidia and Netflix now Pre-Viewing Support for 4K streams on Pascal GPU's

    It would appear as if viewing 4K Content on Netflix is no longer a Kaby Lake exclusive. You can add Nvidia Pascal to that list now, at least if you have the Windows Insider Program membership required to obtain the 381.74 drivers. In addition, SLI must be disabled in order for 4k streaming to...
  7. Q

    Which games will run at 4k, 60 fps, and high quality on a GTX 1050 Ti?

    Imagine that your shiny new Titan Xp has gone bang. While you're waiting on a replacement, you have to use your GTX 1050 Ti. Which of your extensive library of older games will run at a solid 60 fps at a good graphical quality on your 4K monitor?
  8. J

    Samsung TV settings?

    I'm still learning and configuring my Samsung UN40KU7000. Now I know that only HDMI 1 has UHD Color for accepting a 4K HDR signal. Now, one of the new features on this TV's is HDR+. A lot of sites state that HDR+ is an HDR "Upscaler", and that you shouldn't use it for native HDR content. So...
  9. Finny76

    FS/FT: NEW in BOX Samsung 28 UHD 4K Monitor (U28E590D) - Dallas, TX

    Bought this and changed my mind. Its just been sitting so I thought of passing the deal on here instead of returning it back to the store. Monitor is brand new (never opened) in original box. I have the sale receipt as well. NOTE: I Will NOT ship & only deal locally. Available for pickup in...
  10. J

    Samsung UN40KU7000 missing features?

    I just purchased the Samsung UN40KU7000 and aside from being let down that HDR is *only* available on HDMI 1 unless you pay for a Samsung SUHD TV. I've also noticed things I like PIP and MultiLink are gone. I did have this on much older version of Samsung TV's I've owned. Now, these features...
  11. S

    New BenQ BL3201PH VS refurbished Acer Predator XB321HK

    Inherited a little cash, going to upgrade my work/battlestation. Trying to decide between a: -New BenQ 32-Inch IPS 4K Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (BL3201PH), 4K2K HD 3840x2160 -Certified Refurbished Acer Predator XB321HK 32" Display Monitor, 4K UHD, 3840 x 2160, 4 ms, IPS (Gsync). This...
  12. Q

    Best 24" 4K monitor for text?

    I really love the text on my Samsung 28" 4K monitor but it's landscape-only. And 28". The monitor on which I'm typing this is a Dell 1200p monitor in portrait mode. And it's good, but the text on the 4K monitor looks better. So, can you recommend me a 4K monitor for portrait-mode text use? The...
  13. K

    Samsung UHD vs SUHD TV

    Hi, As many others I have read all the posts about using the Samsung TV's as a monitor for my PC and I am really close to pulling the trigger. One thing I can't figure out though (having read all the posts through) is what the difference between the SUHD and UHD models are when it comes to...
  14. F

    Samsung KU6000 4k 40inch 4x4x4????

    Hello all, new member here, i have been doing a lot of reading and im trying to find a 4k uhd tv for my pc monitor in my country(australia) That i can use for gaming and watching movies, my understanding is i need 4x4x4 chroma. I have found a review on the KU6300 uhd but at my local store i can...
  15. S

    Do AdobeRGB, FreeSync and UHD real matter?

    Hi, guys. I have very strange question, i know. Please help me to distinguish between technology and marketing. Now i use Wide Gamut display with gb-r led in my notebook (DELL XPS l502x). I want to buy a new monitor, but i can't understand, what parameters are important. 4k resolution is very...
  16. Q

    Tcons for 4k @ 120Hz?

    If memory serves, one of the issues delaying 4K monitors was the availability of timing controllers, Tcons. How's that looking for 4K @ 120Hz at the moment?