star citizen

  1. AlphaAtlas

    Star Citizen Developers Valued at About $460 Million

    Yesteday, Cloud Imperium, the parent company of the developers behind Star Citizen, announced that Clive Kalder's family office and Snoot Entertainment paid $46 million for a ~10% stake in the company, which would put the total value of the Cloud Imperium at about $460 Million. The company...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Star Citizen is Free to Try for a Week Starting November 23

    In celebration of the game's anniversary, Roberts Space Industries announced that Star Citizen will be free between November 23 and December 1. This isn't the first time the game has had a free trial period, but with the launch of the Alpha 3.3 patch a few days ago, it's probably the first trial...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Update Is Out

    Roberts Space Industries launched the Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 update. Among other things, the update features long awaited performance improvements, AI controlled enemies, in game chat that can map your facial features with a camera, and as always, new ships to buy. The company showed off some...
  4. FrgMstr

    Crytek Moves on Cloud Imperium Games

    Crytek is suing Cloud Imperium for a couple of things, where the relationship has seemed to go off the rails. First and foremost is that Cloud Imperium used Crytek's CryEngine for a game that Cloud Imperium did not have license for, Squadron 42. Also attached to this is the fact that Cloud...
  5. R

    Demo Available For Solar Warden

    Solar Warden, the space combat game from Star Citizens ex-lead technical designer, has released a demo today according to a report from DSOGaming. Solar Warden has a kickstarter campaign currently going, with $26k of the $40k goal raised, and is a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom space combat game, fused...
  6. R

    Crytek Responds to CIG's Request to Dismiss Star Citizen Case

    Last month Crytek filed suit against Cloud Imperium and Roberts Space Industries for violating their contract for CryEngine. CIG filed a motion seeking dismissal, and today Crytek responded. Crytek pulls no punches in its response, fully outlining the broken promises from CIG. Some of the...
  7. DooKey

    Star Citizen Releases Alpha 3.0 to Public Test Universe for all Backers

    Star Citiz;en has lots of fans (as well as detractors) that have been wondering when the test universe was going to get the latest Alpha release with a bunch of promised improvements. Those that want something new to try out are going to get it now. Alpha 3.0 is now live in the public test...
  8. FrgMstr

    Open with Incognito and Privacy Modes

    I am not sure why anyone would ever want to do this, but How-To Geek shows us how to start a few of our favorite browsers in por...privacy mode without ever opening up a auto-logged in browser window. Most people won’t want to use private browsing mode permanently. You will have to log into the...
  9. T

    Star Citizen Banu Merchantman - LTI $265

    I am selling a Star Citizen Banu Merchantman ship with LTI insurance for $265. Whereas, If you purchase it right now from RSI, it would only come with 6 months of insurance. Any questions, please ask. Heat
  10. cageymaru

    Star Citizen to Exclusively Use the Vulkan API

    According to staff at Cloud Imperium Games, the space combat and adventure game Star Citizen is going to exclusively use the Vulkan API in the future. They go on to state that DX12 and Vulkan have the same feature set and similar performance gains, but Vulkan can be ported to more OS's whereas...
  11. WarMace

    Star Citizen Free to Play Week is back.

    Current Free-Fly Dates: November 19th - December 1st, 2021 This Free-Fly event will be the best one yet. Over 100 different ships and vehicles to try, planets, asteroids, moons, huge performance improvements, underground caves to get lost in, and MOAB's. Referral codes are the only way to get...