1. postcd

    Problematic drive: bad magic number invalid superblock, I/O errors, just couple of bad sectors, SW that tries to read sectors constantly?

    This issue has a solution described a few posts below! :) Hello, the Linux system drive (HDD) has two bad blocks (or parts within it) - HD Tune and Minitool partition wizard reported it and SMART shows 2 pending sectors and 4 offline uncorrectable. If i understand correctly, i may want to let...
  2. B

    S.MA.R.T. Spinup Raw Data?

    Just installed a new NAS. It's a Terramaster F2-221 with 2 bays. Before installing the pair of Western Digital Red 4tb drives, I ran WD's Data Lifeguard utility. Both drives checked out perfectly. The NAS has a control panel which allows viewing of the SMART Data. One of the drives reports...
  3. U

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked SM-G950FD DUAL SIM with original box/charger

    Great Condition, unlocked DUAL SIM International version! Comes with case and extra IQSHield SP! Great condition, flawless screen, used with case and screen protector from day 1. No chips or deep scratches any where. Works perfectly. Comes with original samsung fast charger and box. This is the...
  4. G

    Should I replace this SSD (SMART)

    I'm horrible at interpreting SMART values on SSDs - what do you guys think, should I replace this disk? I'm thinking I should, but don't want to pull it prematurely (especially having read the Ars Technica SSD torture test on these things!). It's a Samsung EVO 850 250GB drive that's just over...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    Scary SMART Values on New Seagate Enterprise Drives?

    Hey all, So, I'm 4 disks into my "swap all 12 drives in my NAS with larger drives and resilver to grow my ZFS pool" project, and decided to go with 10TB Seagate Helium Enterprise drives (ST10000NM0016) The four drives I have thus far come from two orders of two drives each. Two from Newegg...
  6. copy_run_start

    FS: Sony Smartwatch 2 (Metal Band)

    Selling my Sony Smartwatch 2 with black metal band. Great condition, no scratches on screen (whatever you see in the pictures is dust). Has always had a screen protector on. The frame and band are in good condition, typical wear over the few years I've owned it. Paint has worn off some of the...
  7. B

    FS: Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Smartphone

    Selling my Nokia Lumia 1020 Clean ESN. Can be activated on any GSM supported Carrier in the U.S or worldwide. Unlocked Excellent condition. No scratches on the screen, completely flawless. Few scuffs on the back but only cosmetic. No damage at all on the phone's corners as shown by...