1. F

    Project Cars 3

    It is getting a bit panned on reviews. So how is the VR? Is it an improvement? I am thinking it should be as it would have been designed from the ground up? No? I personally found PC2 very good with VR. A really good piece of software IMO. Thoughts?
  2. bluesynk

    Made a [H]arder sim chair.

    About a month ago, I built a sim chair. It came out pretty well and I shared it here and around and told my friends. Most replies were kind and positive. But one guy, innocently enough, asked "what does it move or something?" I was crushed. No it did not. I started looking around and found...
  3. bluesynk

    Made a folding sim chair.

    I picked up Assetto Corsa for my Vive. Ordered a g29 wheel after playing for 45 min. It's taking forever to get here so I built this. And it folds up like this Just need a mini compressor for the air ride!
  4. Cerulean

    WDS Windows 7 setup not obeying unattended.xml

    Objectives: To have the entire Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) installation automated and zero-touch (except for the entering in of the license key and hostname The only tasks of a technician is to PXE boot the machine and enter in a hostname and license key We absolutely want to avoid setting...
  5. M

    This is the Police

    This Is the Police on Steam My review: Steam Community :: CryonicSuspension :: Review for This Is the Police