1. L

    10Gb SFP+ card for RAID PC to switch, Sonnet Presto Solo reviews?

    I would like to connect my PC RAID server to US-16-XG Ubiquiti 10Gb switch using SFP+. I would prefer only a single port, and would like it to be PICe3.0 X4, so as to not to unduly burden my expansion slot requirements. PCIe X8 just isn't needed for a single-port card on PCIe3.0. But if the best...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    Aruba s2500 48 port Gigabit + 4x 10gig uplink SFP+ and Layer3

    I wanted to thank IdiotInCharge for cuing me in to these in another thread (which I don't want to pull off topic anymore than I already have) They are original pre-HPE MAS Aruba switches. I just ordered mine, $125 on eBay, with a 1 year warranty included at no added cost. Seems like A LOT of...
  3. Z

    FS: Chelsio 2x10GBps SPF+

    Hello, I have a Chelsio S320E 110-1082-31 dual port 10GBps PCI-E FC HBA. I am currently working on setting up a 40GBps lab, so cleaning out some older hardware. (Many RAID cards coming soon)! $50 +actual shipping (I'll throw in a gift!) $50 +actual shipping (I'll throw in a gift!)