1. itsparsic

    DELL - PC wont boot unless CMOS is reset, HELP!

    I am currently fixing up my old DELL XPS 8700 computer after a few years without using it. Long story short, pressing the power button doesn't do anything to the pc, nothing happens...sometimes. Occasionally the pc will start with a delay after hitting the power but not frequently enough not to...
  2. P


    Hi, my name is Sebastian , I would like to know if it is possible to reset the key of a DVR when the password is not available and the DVR issues an error code when an incorrect password is entered I describe my situation: I have a STARTVISION DVR of a client and I need to reset the password...
  3. G

    Question about resetting my Android phone

    I factory reset my Galaxy S5 as I will sell it to someone else. I have a lot of personal staff on it so i want to make sure all of them being deleted completed. After reset, I tested it with a free data recovery software and found out contacts and photos were still there. My question is: how to...
  4. the X

    Custom PC resets every other power on

    Title edit: "Custom PC freezes every other power on" Asrock Z77 Extreme4 i5 3570k XFX R9 290 120gb SSD 800gb HDD EVGA NEX 750G (psu) Windows 10 Last couple months I've noticed the PC only freezes every other power on. In other words I would have to power on, wait for freeze, and then hard...