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    RAM upgrade advice for i5 7400

    So I've been researching how to upgrade the RAM in my PC. I'm new to this but I've been doing research and have asked around cause it's best to measure twice and cut once right. Processor: i5 7400 Supported Memory: DDR4 2133/2400 mHz (1.35 Volts) [Dual Channel w/4 slots for RAM cards.] |...
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    Looking for PC build recommendations to go with RTX 1080

    Hello All, Recently I was given a GTX 1080 card, and this will require me to update my system as I'm currently using a phenom x6 CPU, Essentially I'm trying to get the cheapest build I can that doesn't limit this GPU. I've been out of the hardware game for 10 years so not really sure where to...
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    Which camera to buy for indoor home tutorials ?

    I need to film indoor tutorials. The room has large windows letting in daylight. the teacher will be in an armchair speaking. 2 to 3 metres distance between camera and subject. It is mostly fixed at this distance. No zooming or anything. I have 3-point lighting, so the next step is to...
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    "Recommended Hardware"... for what?

    Usually when a new game is released the producer also provide some list of "minimum" and "recommended" hardware requirements. Sometimes, rarely, the game won't even start unless one or more of the minimum requirements are met. What irritates me is that the "recommended" list state some level of...