ps4 pro

  1. K

    Destiny 2 edition PS4 pro
  2. I

    1080p75hz vs 1080p144hz vs 1440p75hz vs 4k60hz

    Hey guys, help me choose between a 1080p75hz ultrawide monitor, a 1080p144hz (not ultrawide) monitor, a 1440p75hz (not ultrawide) monitor and a 4k60hz (of course, not ultrawide) monitor. Just to mention, these are the monitors available to buy where I live (there aren't no 1080p120hz, 1080p144hz...
  3. F

    FS: MSI 1060 3gb, PS4 pro with games, 16gb (4x4) ddr3

    MSI 1060 3gb sold got it back from rma not to long ago it has been running solid. 16 GB ddr3 1600 4 separate packs of 4gb sold PS4 pro with controller charging cable and hdmi, with these games sold Red Dead Redemption 2 Uncharted 4 God of war Horizon Zero Dawn Detroit Become Human Edit...
  4. D

    4K HDR problems with PS4 Pro and X930D

    Hey everyone... hoping to get some help from experts I've set up my PS4 Pro to work with a 4K HDMI extender. I'm pretty sure I have everything connected correctly, but the problem is i'm only seeing 1080p on our Sony XBR55x930D and the game i'm trying to play is Resident Evil 7 Biohazard which...
  5. R

    Sony Announces Limited Edition God Of War PS4 Pro

    Today Sony has announced a limited edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle. Launching on April 20th to go alongside the game, the console features a fully customized design based on Kratos' axe, as well as a Leviathan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller with insignia, and a physical copy of God of...
  6. cageymaru

    VR Sales Top $1.8 Billion in 2016

    According to VR sales data compiled by Unity Games, VR sales toppled the $1.8 billion plateau in 2016 after impressively amassing a total of 6.3 million devices sold. On the PC, $718 million was spent. Mobile accumulated $687 million in sales followed by console with $411 million in sales...
  7. cageymaru

    Fallout 4 Recommends an AMD RX 490 for High Resolution Texture Pack

    Fallout 4 is getting a new high resolution texture pack and PS4 Pro support. The texture pack weighs in as an additional whopping 58GB download to the base game! I feel sorry for those with metered internet or small SSD drives! But the real story isn't the texture pack or the 1440p PS4 Pro...
  8. O

    Sony PlayStation 4 Pro PS4 1TB brand new - $380 shipped

    I have for sale a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB. This is the new model with the faster processor and 4K support. I bought it to burn a few gift cards I had laying around, but I decided I have tons of PC games I need to catch up on first. It will come to you brand new sealed in box with...